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Hellerwork Pioneer and author of "The Owners Guide to the Body" lives and works in Kings Langley, Herts

Way back in 1982 I had an appalling lower back problem. As a result of this I managed to overcome my scepticism and ignorance of "alternative" treatment and had three sessions of a little known therapy system called Hellerwork. At that point I knew that this was my vocation in life, and within 9 months I had remortgaged my London flat and was on my way to meet Joseph Heller in Mill Valley, California, near San Francisco, to begin my training, and became one of the first non Americans to qualify.

Well, a Heller of a lot of water has passed under the Golden Gate Bridge since then, and the man himself has moved up to Mt. Shasta in the very northernmost part of California, where incidentally the Sacramento river arises and even the tap water tastes like nectar.

For my part I moved to Kings Langley in Sept 1991, with my wife and daughter, and we conceived our second daughter that very weekend. She was born at home in a tub of water in a rented house and yes, you've guessed it, it was in Water Lane. Since that time I have worked in Kings Langley on a Friday, as well as in London the rest of the week

I thinks that's enough on water, except to say I'm a big fan of it, and there's a whole chapter on it in my book, "The Owners Guide to the Body". What's Hellerwork to do with water? You may well ask, so I'll tell you; water is the essence of fluidity, and restoring flexibility and fluidity to the human structure is one of the key features of the Hellerwork system.

Over a systematic course of eleven sessions, the Hellerwork programme improves your posture so much that you can release chronic tension which you may have been building up for years. Your ability to manage stress is much enhanced also, because a body in harmony with the gravitational field is getting support from the Earth, rather than constantly fighting against that strong force; the most powerful known to act upon the body, and frees your energy to do something more useful, like achieving your goals in life

Now we all know that "good posture" is desirable, but it's so difficult to maintain, and tiring, right? What Hellerwork does is that it makes it easier to sit, stand and walk well by releasing the build-up of compression in the body that stops posture from improving naturally and effortlessly. In other words, we help to take away that which is stopping you from straightening up, rather than fighting against the habits that have built up and adding new tension to old.

So it's good news for lazy, intelligent people like you and me. It's not about doing something, it's about learning to let go of that which you didn't even realise you were holding onto, getting better easily, and revealing the incredible design and advanced operating features of the human structure, organised as it is around a vertical axis

So how does it work? Hellerwork is a powerful synthesis of three streams: there is the deep massage of the connective tissues which releases chronic tension, there is movement and awareness education, which teaches effective stress management and maintains and deepens the results of the bodywork, and there is a conversation and a dialogue that brings you home to your body, so that that's where you live. Within all of this there's a strong sense of direction, working with the line of gravity and organising the body so that it works with rather than against gravity. There's an unexpectedly light feeling, sometimes described as feeling 10 years younger at the end of this, it's an experience that's very hard to describe but very worthwhile experiencing!

For more details about Hellerwork, including press articles, endorsements, and about training and practitioners worldwide, have a look at www.golten.co.uk. You can contact me on email via roger@golten.co.uk

9 or 10 people in the UK have trained and practice Hellerwork here at the moment, and more Practitioners are in the pipeline. Training enquiries welcome

I work in Kings Langley on Fridays at the Meeting Room, 36 Langley Hill. Sessions are £90 per hour in Kings Langley.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I work at the Ability Centre, 29 Crawford St., London W1H 1LW,. near Baker Street. I charge £75 per hour in London.

"The Owners Guide to the Body" can be found at Amazon UK and US, and direct from me at the special price of £10 +p&p (£1.50 in the UK)

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