What is Lifestyle Coaching?

If you have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle, whether it be to lose weight, to prevent an illness, to reduce stress, to start feeling better, or just to achieve more from your life, a Lifestyle Coach can help you find answers.

No matter what your age or where you are in your life today, it is never too late to improve your lifestyle, to make the most of your health and wellbeing. Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will change your life, and this will be for the better.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching coaches you to meet your personal goals, within a healthy living framework encompassing balance of nutrition, exercise, emotional health, intellectual health, and spiritual health. You choose the goals you want to work toward, and your coach, works with you to develop the tools and strategies that work best for you. Hiring a coach means you are not alone in your quest.

Lifestyle Coaching is also directed to helping people develop more healthful lifestyles toward the prevention and control of chronic diseases and conditions, promoting healthy behaviours and practices in the areas of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco cessation.

So a Lifestyle Coach provides people with coaching to help them reach their fitness, health and life goals, and adopt Healthy lifestyle behaviours that can prevent the onset of chronic illness and help manage existing conditions.

Lifestyle coaching benefits a broad range of areas, from eating habits to stress reduction to overall health and fitness levels, specialising in weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, stress management and goal achievement.

Many of the personal lifestyle choices that people make are detrimental to their health. Such things as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other major killers may result, at least in part if not whole, from lifestyle decisions they make over a long period of time. Although most of us understand the implications of lifestyle choices and chronic diseases, the ability to adopt or modify our behaviours in such a way that we improve health outcomes is not nearly as simple or easy. Lifestyle coaching is an effective way to help people of all ages, races, ethnic groups, genders and socioeconomic classes to make more healthful lifestyle decisions.

Lifestyle coaching is a professional relationship between two people: the coach assists another person in making some major life decisions and setting and meeting goals that will lead to desired changes.

Lifestyle coaching will help you to live a healthier lifestyle that is balanced, where Monday mornings feel like the start of yet another fantastic week feeling energized, focused and excited. You will attract more fun, humour and success in your life. Work will only be a part of your life which leaves plenty of spare time for you to enjoy your time with your partner, friends, family etcÂ? having fun and doing the things that you enjoy doing e.g. hobbies, socializing, shopping, DIY. Further benefits include a medication-free life and abundant health into your 70s and 80s.

I am a Lifestyle Coach dedicated to assisting individuals improve their health and overall quality of life through lifestyle change, helping people live longer, healthier and happier! My challenge is to guide my clients, and others through for example my Blog, to become and stay healthy. I provide the truth about health, nutrition, and weight loss.

Permanent weight loss cannot be achieved with any of the dozens of diets on the marketplace. Diets don't work, but living a healthy lifestyle does!

Let me say that again. When discussing permanent weight-loss, weight management and long-term health, diets simply do not work. Healthy lifestyle choices do. Effective strategies that fit your unique lifestyle are what you need to be successful in creating your own personal life-long wellness. Designing a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle plan that works for you is the key to your success.

I am passionate about promoting health and helping others live a more harmonious lifestyle. Healthy living is at the core of my philosophy. It is the main building block to fulfilling your potential for living a happier and more satisfying life.

Your personal healthy lifestyle is not something you can find in a one-size-fits-all diet or fitness programme or from someone else making decisions for you. A healthy lifestyle is one that is unique to you and is easy to sustain. My job is to enrich your understanding of how you can reach your goal and encourage you as you reach them.

To achieve the goal of a healthy lifestyle, as a Lifestyle Coach I will provide my clients with some practical, commonsense tools to guide them in the right direction, toward adopting and maintaining their new healthy lifestyle. If they supply the desire, I will provide them all the right tools and resources needed to arrive at the healthy lifestyle they want.

I use a series of individual sessions Â? which are sometimes carried out over a telephone, Skype or even via e-mails, as well as through face-to-face sessions Â? to help people solve their problems and achieve ambitions.

About the author:

Larry has worked in the health and wellness field for over 15 years helping hundreds of clients reach their wellness goals and create a new life beyond stress and illness. He understands the challenges and fears that go hand in hand with stress and illness and is well versed in showing you what it takes to reach your goals by offering you a step-by-step, partnered approach to doing it! His passion to honour peoples situation, ignite their motivation, and support them in learning the skills and inner training that promote health and healing is demonstrated in everything he does here at the Lifestyle Coach

Website: http://www.thelifestylecoach.co.uk

Author: Larry Lewis
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