Drink like a Plant!

As a therapist I am always expounding the virtues of drinking more water – the following anomaly often helps my clients get the point of why it is important:

A plant which is pot bound and wilting in dry cracked soil is one dehydrated plant! How would you rehydrate it? Pouring half a pint of water over it would only result in the plant floating in half a pint of water, once it had emptied itself through the dried crack in the soil to settle in the bottom of the plant pot, the plant meanwhile would rise in the pot as the soil bounces on top of the water! Will it get hydrated this way? Probably not before it dies!

To ensure the plant gets the water a different method has to be applied – by introducing an ounce or two of water every hour or two the liquid is more easily absorbed by the soil, eventually softening the soil so that the moisture eventually gets to the roots of the plant and up its stem – the result being the plant coming back to life again and blossoming!

Introducing more water into your daily routine can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you think you ‘don’t like’ water or you ‘never’ drink water!. Let me give you a tip here – why not put a glass beside your kettle, when you pop the kettle on for a cuppa, fill your glass and drink the water in the time the kettle is boiling. If you are still thirsty you will still have your hot drink too, if not the water is better for you!

Just a note here to say use a filter jug to get rid of ‘cholorine’ tasting water.

You can naturally increase your water by this method helping to rehydrate your body systems to encourage elimination of toxins caused by an excess of acidic urea settling in ‘safe’ areas of the body (notably joints).

Too often we ignore our bodies need of water – and here you may read water, fruit or herb teas or weak diluted juice. All other liquids are processed differently by the body and are viewed more as food. Often we think we are hungry and so eat instead of having a glass of water.

Many of the women reading this article will be immediately thinking that they will be spending an awful lot of time tripping to the loo, well ok you may do for a few days while your body gets used to the idea that you are actually trying to hydrate your body! After that you will find that this stops and you will begin to reap the benefits of having a good fluid balance, people often report a reduction in joint and muscle pains, better skin texture, it being easier to lose weight, less headaches etc.

So go on give it a try – drink more water.

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Article written by Marie Breward

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Author: Marie Breward
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