Have You Considered Healing?

Science has proven that everything in the universe is made of energy, including us.  When the energy flow within and around us is blocked or becomes out of balance, disharmony or "dis-ease" results.  If the natural flow of energy can be restored, it follows that our natural health may also be restored. 

Healing involves the transfer of energy between a healer and a patient to renew and balance the flow of energy in and around the patient's body, stimulating the body's natural ability to repair itself.  The answer to illness rarely lies in taking tablets alone, but rather in addressing lives in their totality.  Working holistically with the mind, body and soul, healing can free mental, emotional and physical blocks, returning harmony and balance.

A common misconception is that healing is for those with a faith or religious belief.  In fact healing is a practice that is open to all, irrespective of faith or denomination.  Healing is an entirely natural complementary therapy.  It is a gentle, non-invasive approach to health care and selected healing organisations are now recognised by the NHS.  Healing can be employed by itself or used alongside any other medical therapy or treatment.

Healing has been shown to provide benefit and relief across a wide range of physical, emotional and mental difficulties.  Many of those who have received healing say that they have experienced a profound sense of peace, calm and relaxation.  Healing has been shown to help with stress, bereavement and depression.  It has been documented that after healing patients have been more receptive to mainstream medical treatment which has aided their speed of recovery.  Patients have also reported feeling stable and more able to cope with their illness.  Those with long term or terminal illness often experience improvements to their attitude and quality of life.

Today, healing is being offered at a growing number of GP practices, hospitals, hospices and complementary health clinics.  The most effective test for healing is to experience it for oneself.

About the author:

Lorraine Perryman MNFSH Tel: 01702 584409 Registered with The NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

Website: http://www.estuaryhealing.co.uk

Author: Lorraine Perryman
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