10 Tips for Happy Feet!

1. Rest your legs for a few minutes every day – try having them raised higher than your head for a period in the day – why not swing around in bed and rest your feet up the wall or bed head while you read your mail or watch TV while laying on the floor with your feet up on the sofa – either way, a few minutes will help drain excess lymph fluid from the ankles and legs and once you return to an upright position a fresh circulation will take place,

2. Give yourself a foot bath once a week – use a bowl and to some warm water add two drops of lavender and tea tree essential oils and a spoonful of bath salts. Relax in this until the water starts to cool.

3. For hard skin try using vitamin E oil. Apply the oil at night and cover feet in socks for the night, the next morning the hard skin will be softer and easier to pumice.

4. Keep your toenails clean and short.

5. Treat warts and veruccae to avoid spread of infection. A blend of tea tree and lemon essential oils applied with an ear bud and then covered can help although Colloidal Silver* a natural antibacterial solution seems to have the best effect in combating this or any other foot infections.

6. Wear comfortable shoes don’t squeeze your feet into unnatural shapes or you could encourage bunions and toe crowding.

7. Visit a chiropodist or podiatrist with any foot problems especially if you are diabetic or prone to aches and pains in the feet.

8. Why not treat yourself once a month to a pedicure or foot massage – a wonderful way to relax.

9. For even more benefit to your whole body – try Reflexology a specific massage of the reflexes on your feet which helps stimulate the body through the nervous and circulatory system.

10. Happy feet usually mean a happy body! Why not have a family foot massage day and treat each other!!

About the author:

Article written by Marie Breward

Website: http://www.bodybalance.marie.com

Author: Marie Breward
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