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Recently I had the opportunity of holding some ancient Viking artefacts, a sword, a gold bracelet, a gold jewelled cup and enamelled metal clips. This was an exciting chance for me to find out how much information I could obtain about their history and origin, using my shamanic energy methods and skills.

'Psychometry', or 'token-object reading' as it is now known, is the ability or skill whereby a 'psychic' can obtain information about the history of an object and its owner, from the energetic impressions stored in the object.

Since I was with a group of people and would only have a brief moment to touch and possibly hold each item, I decided to use a different method, to store the information for unpacking later.

I decided to draw energy from each object, and (since energy moves to fill a vacuum), to intentionally replace this energy by channelling specific rebalancing energies through myself to each object. It occurred to me that this might offer another means of sending healing through time and spaceÂ?

A sword might have been used in anger, in battle and some healing or rebalancing could be needed, but in any event, during the long history of such ancient artefacts, they would have been owned and used by a variety of people in a variety of circumstances.

While I was actually holding the objects, I did get some fleeting images. I am careful neither to censor such impressions, nor to accept them too readily Â? after all, it is easy to imagine and to jump to conclusions. We were also being told something of the curators' and archaeologists' suppositions about the objects. So I file away and later write down and record impressions and then seek other means of verifying whether they are facts.

One example, with the sword, was that there were notches along the blade, and you could easily suppose that they were caused by hacking people to death in the throes of battle. However, the curators explained that they were more than likely caused by over-cleaning Â? polishing chipping off rusted bits at the edges. This sword had been in private ownership for around 60 years before coming to the museum.

Just as archaeologists have to be scrupulous and rigorous in their work and eventual scientific testing may make some of their suppositions wrong and some right Â? so I feel that the 'psychic' or energy researcher must be equally rigorous in seeking to confirm and test their impressions. It could be temptingly easy to be carried away on flights of fancy.

So back to the sword Â? while I was holding it and "downloading" energy information to unpack later, I received fast, fleeting visual impressions and also very strong surges of 'pure' energy rushing up my body. By 'pure' energy, I mean content-free, no emotions or sensations other than very strong and very physical, to the extent of slightly swaying my body. This kind of tangible sensation is in itself interesting proof to me that something is really happening.

I had about a 20 minute walk home from the museum and felt very energised and 'high' and strong all the way. This was not to the extent of changing my physical energy or condition, but a strong, positive, optimistic feeling and the sensation that I was taller, stronger and more confident. In one sense I thought people might notice it, but at the same time, there was no overt difference, such as walking faster etc. to be observed externally. However, I felt Â? a bit like a warrior inside Â? most likely a fantasy, and of course, I was on a high from holding the sword and feeling excited about what I might discover.

When I arrived home, my partner, knowing me well, did notice a difference in the way I looked with the energy within me. I then told him where I had been and gave him an experience of the energy - I do this by transmitting an energy download - I hold my hand over the recipient's and transfer packets of energy information. This can be felt as surges of energy, physical sensations, images and feelings by the receiver during the download and they unpack into more detailed impressions, knowledge and skills etc. (I teach the two skills of receiving and transmitting energy downloads during my Shamanix practitioner training).

The best way to unpack the impressions is through a full multi-sensory experience, which could either be in a trance-like state, or in a lucid dream. I prefer the latter, as I can be fully immersed in the experience, but as I am lucid, I have my critical awareness and thought processes available to assess and record the experience.

So that same night, I went to bed with the intention of unpacking the experiences, especially with the sword, from which I had received the strongest impressions. Moving into the dreaming state, I called up thoughts of each item, remembering holding them in my hands again, as earlier in the day. Interestingly I had been unable to hold or even touch the cup, as it was too fragile and try as I might, I had no strong impressions from simply having studied it visually. This is also proof of a sort for me, as I could as easily imagine all kinds of things about its history Â? and such impressions as I could and did raise, did just have the feeling of imaginings. No certainty or force of conviction about them.

The gold bracelet, I realised at the time and confirmed during the night, had no impressions with it at all. This was very pure solid gold, and I suppose that, just as gold does not tarnish, it similarly does not hold or become 'tarnished' by any energy impressions, emotions, stored history or whatever of the owners and people whose hands it has passed through. I could rustle up nothing more than the imaginings or suppositions I had heard earlier from the curators Â? ideas seeming likely, but more through supposition and likelihood or deduction than anything else.

The metal toggles, which I had been told were probably attached to the end of leather straps and shoelaces, just gave me impressions of shoes and feet, walking around in the mud and the idea of a leather laced jerkin Â? i.e. just likely imaginings from the earlier explanation.

From this state, I passed fully into sleep and 'awoke' into lucidity in a very vivid 'dream.' Perhaps I didn't even sleep, but witnessed the unfolding of a story. The events of this, relating to the history of the sword, the healing that was needed and what happened to the healing energy I had sent through time and space, were very powerful and personal. I have recorded them, against the day when further historic information may come to light. But for the purposes of this report, I have no interest in sharing them and arguing whether they were 'true' or not Â? the purpose of this article is to show what kinds of tools and skills can be learned and how they may be used, and for those who are interested, I teach workshops and practitioner training in lucid dreaming and shamanic energy skills and also through online courses. This story is just one example and opens up other possibilities for how, when and where these skills may be useful and can be applied.

About the author:

Susanna Bellini teaches shamanic energy skills, lucid dreaming and crystal healing online and in York, UK.

Author: Susanna Bellini
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