From Man to Mankind


Within the metamorphic technique community over the last 40 years, the metaphor of the caterpillar's exciting and unpredictable transformation has been used to inspire people to envision how their own Life Force can bring about a quantum leap in their experience of themselves. Recently, modern spiritual teachers such as Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra have taken this image even further to exemplify how nature encodes an evolutionary process which is now taking place within the body of humanity. Our two dimensional caterpillar, once content in its simple existence and attentive to the small tasks that ensure its survival suddenly becomes voracious, impelled to consume many times its own body weight. Its cells become chaotic and diseased. A new cell begins to emerge. These, called the imaginal cells, resonate at a different frequency from the rest. The old immune cells, recognising an invasion of foreigners, begin to attack them without success. The imaginal cells start to cluster until they finally reach a critical level of connectivity. Then, the body of the caterpillar liquifies into a goo, the nutritive soup which will fuel the evolutionary process that is now unfolding. A long dormant gene awakens and activates the genetic code for the butterfly. Catterpillar is reborn as a higher dimensional entity, unbound by the constraints of its past and free to explore a world that always existed just beyond its perception.

In this holographic universe, the butterfly's journey we once took to symbolise the transformation of an individual, now points beyond the awakening of man to the awakening of mankind.  We are presently living the end days of the voracious cumsemerism and chaos that signal the deconstruction of the old world. Those of us who surrender to the natural process of transformation are the imaginal cells, slowly coming together to activate the gene that will spark off the next incarnation of humanity. We have known the dis-eased aspects of ourselves, personally and collectively: the individual challenges, and all the places where we have not lived our potential -the dis-eased societies that do not nourish its individuals or the collective. And yet there is nothing to do to correct this dis-harmony. As the old structures crumble, the energy within will serve to nourish the emergence of what seeks to be born.

Catterpillar could never have imagined dying and being reborn to itself as a new creature whose DNA remains none the less the same. The child in the womb cannot imagine its existence outside the aquatic environment it calls home. We cannot think our way beyond what we have known ourselves to be. As a species we may not be able to picture what our new world will look like. But the information is there, beyond the mind, like butterflies dormant gene hidden in the catterpillar, waiting for the time when Life will bring it to life.



Copyright 2009 Meeroff

About the author:

Dominique Meeroff is a teacher and practitioner of the Metamorphic Technique. She is based in North London and teaches all around the UK and India.


Author: Dominique Meeroff
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