Trip to Sarajevo Working for the Healing Hands Charity

The Healing Hands Network was set up to send therapists to post war torn areas.

Currently we are working in Sarajevo, Bosnia where there was an aggression against the people of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Many victims of the war were civilians who were caught in cross fire resulting in the loss of limbs, hearing and lives. Many victims suffered because of their religion, mainly being Muslim and were tortured and displaced by being put in concentration camps or were forced to keep moving on. The people of Bosnia are still suffering the effects of the war, there are still thousands who do not know what happened to their families and are still seeking some kind of end to their suffering.

Healing Hands have made superb contacts with the Civilian Victims of the War Ass. and the Ass. of Concentration Camp Victims. The groups have in excess of 10,000 members collectively. Healing Hands rent a 4 bedroom house which has two rooms suitable for treatment rooms downstairs. The therapists live in the house and are available to give treatments from 0900 - 1700 daily. This makes for 7 clients each a day! This can seem quite a lot but somehow you get through. The consultations are made with the help of an interpreter, without whose help it would be impossible.

The clients are asked what the problems are and are offered what the therapist feels is most helpful, this of course depends on what therapies are available. However the Bosnian people are just so welcoming and appreciative and grateful that they go along with whatever you suggest.

I have been practising therapies for around 10 years but I believe that my time in Sarajevo whilst being emotional, demanding, heart wrenching and thought provoking was also one of the most rewarding, stimulating experiences I have been privileged to be a part of.

I hope that the clients benefited from my treatments but I truly believe that I got as much from my experience as they did. It costs a lot to get a therapist to Sarajevo and each therapist is asked to raise most of the cost themselves, however with the help of charities and individuals this cost can be reduced.

If anyone is interested in raising funds , offering their skills, or donating money the Healing Hands Network can be contacted at or Bank House, Stoke Bliss, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, WR15 8QH
Tel: 01885 410620

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