What if all we have been taught on anger is… wrong?

We might have been taught that anger is bad, that we should not show anger, that we should push it down, that we should not be angry, that anger is not spiritual, that we should not show anger in public, that feeling anger is weak or bad, that if we experience anger there is something wrong with us.

Now, what do all those teachings caused us?

They caused us to push anger down, to suppress it, to repress it, to feel bad if we experience anger, to maybe apologize if we are angry, to beat ourselves up if anger comes up, to do all we can not to be angry.

Did that help?

Not in the least, it actually caused many problems.

Anger is an e-motion, it is energy in motion and if we suppress it, if we repress it, it is going to create densities in our energy field and in our bodies and densities are the cause of all problems.

If furthermore, we beat ourselves up because we feel anger, we just create much further problems, as self-love is the key to success, it is the key to happiness, it is the key to abundance, it is the key to wellbeing. And beating ourselves up is the antithesis of self-love.

Great teachings, huh?

We might also have been taught that to heal anger we need to control it, that we need to manage it.

Well, controlling or managing anger will never work.

Anger is an energy and as energy needs to move, it needs to flow, it cannot be controlled.

Furthermore, we need to release ALL the anger that we have been repressing or suppressing in our life; if we donâ??t do that, it will come up when we least expect it, we will burst out maybe for very little reasons.

And how many teachings have we bought that prevent us from experiencing anger in the first place and that cause us to feel powerless or even trapped?

There is also a lot of attention on being assertive and standing up for ourselves, but also this approach might not work, or might be not enough, particularly if the people we are dealing with are difficult, abusive, manipulative, controlling, not aware, etc. And actually that approach could cause us further pain, as those people, because they are unaware or do not want to admit their behavior, might deny our truth, might not respect our boundaries or our will.

We might also have been taught that anger comes from the ego, true?

Not necessarily. Anger can come from deeper part of ourselves than the ego.

Soâ?¦.do we need to express anger? Do we need to get angry? Do we need to be loud and lash out?

No, it would not work most of the times and if would probably cause further problems.

Do we need to always be nice?

No,  it would not work either.

So, what do we really need to do? What do we need to do with anger? How can we heal the suppressed and repressed anger? How can we deal with anger? Why do we get angry?
And what if actually feeling the anger would lead us toâ?¦success? And happiness? And wellbeing? And money? And good relationships? And all good things?

About the author:

Piercarla Garusi is a spiritual coach and painter. Her work is currently focused on freeing humanity from what is not love and in doing so reconnecting with Divine Love and helping each Being be treated well, on helping people free from any wrongness of Self, and more topics, all from the points of view of Higher Consciousness, with new workshops just being created. She also loves creating projects for social change. More information can be found on http://www.pgcoaching.co.uk. Her spiritual paintings â??Art from the Soul for Higher Consciousnessâ?? are for healing, a shift in consciousness, social evolution. They are a direct channel to the Divine, being chanelled from Spirit. You can find more explanation, view them, find information on exhibitions and projects, including a project for Peace and healing projects on http://www.piercarla-paintings.co.uk.    

Author: Piercarla Garusi
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