7 Simple Steps to Make Space for Change


"You cannot pour more water into a full glass. Clear your space in order to invite new things into your life" Â? Marien Perez, Principal Life Coach at Coach You Ltd

7 simple steps to create space for change

Do you want to change your life, but don't know where to start? Do you wish you had more space in your home, your office or your mind? Is your life too full of your past to make room for what you could do in the future?

It's easy to feel overwhelmed in a home that's in a constant state of clutter and disorganisation. These 7 steps help you offload what you don't need, and create space for what you really want.

1      Prepare

·        Put a date in your diary to devote 20 minutes this week to decluttering. This is the commitment that gets you started.

·        Prepare to celebrate success. Choose a treat Â? something you love but wouldn't normally do Â? that you will give yourself when you finish your clearing. Giving yourself a reward reinforces the behaviour, which means you are more likely to repeat it.

·        Have fun. If you enjoy the process, you're more likely to do it often. Prepare your environment, fix your favourite drink, play the music you love.

2      Just look

Don't rush in with a shovel and garbage bags. Start by taking stock of what you've got. Look at each item without deciding anything yet. Let it all sink in.

3      Start small

Start with something manageable, a closet or maybe just one drawer. This small project will get you going Â? a common strategy used in life coaching.

4      Decide: past or present

How much of your space contains your past? How much do you keep in case you need it in the future?

To live the life you want now, let go of past things that no longer serve you. Keep only what's useful to you now. If you want the freedom to choose your future path, you can't be tied down by items from your past. This is what life coaching is all about: moving towards the future.

5      Sort your items into 3 categories

Sort each item according to your reaction.

A      You love it. It is the right colour and style for you. But how often do you use it? If more than 3 times a year: keep it.

B      You feel neutral. So how often do you use it? If used within the past 3 months: keep it. If used less than twice a year: do you really need it? If someone stole the item, would you buy it again? No Â? then throw it out.

C      You don't like it, it doesn't suit you, but think it would be a shame to get rid of it. Give it away to charity.

6      Give yourself regular assignments

Regularity keeps the ball rolling. Here are some options:

Ã?     Clear 1 item a week

Ã?     Clear a drawer, cupboard or file each day for a week

Ã?     Clear a part of your house each weekend

7      Celebrate!

Once you've cleared up your space you'll be ready to bring new things into your life Â? the ideas, dreams, and pursuits that you want. Keep this guide, repeat the routine at least twice a year and start to feel the freedom, clarity and space you create for yourself.

People feel like clearing their homes whenever they have a desire for change, space and simplicity in their lives. But it can be hard to let go. That's where life coaching makes a difference. If you are looking for change Â? for a more fulfilling career or for greater depth, love, support and understanding in your relationships Â? I can probably help you.

About the author:

I'm Marien Perez of Coach You Ltd, and I know that you can change your life for the better. I know that because I've helped hundreds of life coaching clients, from disillusioned office workers to top executives, make the changes and unlock their resources. Call me today on 01865 751 432 to make the space you want in your life, or email me at marien.perez@coach-you.co.uk Or visit my website to get a free taster session and make a fresh start.

Website: http://www.coach-you.co.uk

Author: Marien Perez
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