Integrated Energy Therapy - Healing with the Energy of the Angels

Life leaves it's footprints on us - we've all had experiences that have taken their toll; such as physical or emotional trauma, surgery, suppressed feelings, fear or stress. I know I have. The resulting negative emotions (or baggage) causes our energy flow to become restricted, which is like a dam blocking the free flow of a river.

When our energy is restricted or blocked, our body can react by making us more likely to develop illness or diseases, mental or emotional problems. We may find it difficult to move forward with our health, well being and life.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) works by releasing the trapped emotions such as guilt, distrust, lack of confidence, feeling unsupported, shame, heartache, fear, anger, resentment and stress. These feelings are replaced with the positive counterparts - innocence, trust, confidence, support, love, forgiveness, empowerment and safety. Freeing up the flow of energy can make such a difference. It has to me. IET gets the 'issues out of your tissues' - for good! 

IET was 'developed' by Stevan Thayer, a White Light Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister in USA. He realised that there were some 'blocks' in his clients that Reiki alone was not clearing. Part by accident, part by design, he began to channel Angel Ariel who 'showed' him the integration/ release points and core cellular memory map - the areas where we store the various negative emotions. These points, whilst not identified in any traditional acupressure systems, have the power to support the clearing of energy blockages that result from deeply suppressed cellular memories.He began teaching the technique in 1994. 

I first came across IET when I was ill with depression, anxiety, lower back problems and IBS. I began having treatments and was amazed at how powerful yet gentle this treatment is. By releasing the negative emotions, stress and trauma trapped in my body (especially in my lower back, as many people do) my health and life improved. I recovered relatively quickly, my lower back problems are a thing of the past, and I have not had any IBS symptoms for a number of years. With IET I have experienced more benefits than with any other treatement I have tried. I got the 'issues out of my tissues'. Life still happens, but now I deal with it very differently. I have made some life changing decisions as a result of my increased confidence. What can IET do for you?

It is a joy and a blessing to facilitate the healing of others with the energy of the Angels, I am so glad that I found IET!

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Gilly Workman is a certified Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner and Master Instructor based in Witney, West Oxfordshire. She also offers Reiki, Quantum Touch, Indian Head Massage, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Seated Acupressure Massage and is a Stress Consultant. I named my business Life Changing Therapies, because I truly believe IET is life changing..... and I am living proof!


Author: Gilly Workman
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