Energy Pick ups and de-stressors

 1. Drink Water: One 250ml glass for every 10 kg of body weight or one 10oz glass for every 30lbs of body weight. Plus 1 glass for every cup of tea coffee or caffeinated drink. Plus 2 glasses for every alcoholic beverage

2. Plug ins: One hand on tummy button other hand place index finger in hollow just under collar bone on one side and thumb in hollow of collar bone on the other side. (K27 acupressure point). Hold navel and rub K27, swap hands. Massage top and bottom lip, swap hands massage top and bottom lip. Massage tail bone swap hands, massage tail bone. Do this when ever you feel out of balance or uncoordinated.

3. Cross Crawl: Do a set of cross march moving opposite arm and leg together (like walking), very deliberately and slowly. Switch to a one sided march (same sided hand and leg move together (like a puppet). Alternate sets 6 or 7 times always end on the cross crawl.

4. Positive points: If you are feeling shocked, upset, anxious worried stressed or overwhelmed, this takes the emotional edge off. Hold your forehead lightly with your fingertips. Think through any mind chatter, or whatever is stressing you and wait until the pulses below your fingers equalise. It is great to do this for a friend also

5. Eyes: Switch on your eyes bye rubbing your eye points- just above the bony ridge of the occipital protuberance at the back of your head, rub the hollows on both sides to stimulate your visual cortex.

6. Ears: Give your ears a gentle massage, unrolling the ear edges as well. Make sounds brighter, clearer and your attention sharper.

7. Sip Swish and swallow: Take a sip of water and hold it in your mouth. Breathe gently through your nose. Chew the water in your mouth- hold for two counts, 1,2 and then gently swallow the water. Use whenever you are feeling stressed.

8. Jump start your batteries and strengthen your immune system: Tarzan thumps on the hollow just under collar bone on one side and thumb in hollow of collar bone on the other side. (K27 acupressure point. Gentle taps on the thymus point (halfway up the breastbone in the centre of your chest). Tarzan thumps on the spleen points (the rib area just below and to the side of the nipples). Thumping on these place changes the energy of stress (which is a frequency, like a radio station), and flushes the lymphatic system.

Do all of the above three times a day- just like when you take medicine- but now you may not need to!

About the author:

I am a Zero balancing and Kinesiology practitioner based in Dartmouthand I attract clients from all over South Devon and the surrounding areas such as Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay, Totnes, Newton Abbot & Ashburton.


Author: Kay Scott
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