Verbal Channelling - an invaluable resource

  • Do you ever get flashes of inspiration?
  • Do you sometimes say things that are really wise and you don't know how you knew them?
  • Do you sometimes feel that your head is full and that there is something that simply needs to be said or expressed?
  • Do you sometimes find when you are struggling with a problem and you manage to 'let it go' and detach yourself from it, maybe even ask for help from a greater source than yourself, that very soon an answer or a really helpful thought comes to your mind?

Most of us are channelling, but usually not recognising it

When the mind is really focused, channelling can take many forms. It could be playing a musical instrument, painting a picture, public speaking, or writing a poem.  There are many ways that we can connect with a part of ourselves which opens us up to creative energy that seems to 'come to us'.  

Verbal channelling requires the channeller to be well disciplined in focusing and concentrating on reaching a level of their own mind where they have access to a free flow of information. They are in a conscious, light trance state.

The flashes of inspiration and intuition that slip into everyday life are windows into a level of consciousness that, with the right training of the mind, can be available to us much more directly more of the time. This requires us to be open to the idea of further dimensions, including discarnate intelligences that may, nor may not, have been human beings at some time.   Naturally this involves us being open to a belief in such things, but even if this is difficult it still does not mean that a person cannot 'bring through' really wise and helpful guidance and information.  Also connecting with the 'higher self' is highly beneficial.

My unexpected experience of channeling

I'd like to share with you a little of my story.  When I first began teaching spiritual healing in a London Adult Education Institute in 1983 I felt there was a presence with me. I would find myself saying wise things that I didn't consciously know Â? they would simply come out of my mouth and I would feel as surprised as those listening to me.

I kept very quiet about this experience, feeling unsure about the whole idea of 'spirit guides'. In fact for some years I was rather negative about it as within the world of spiritual healing it was rather fashionable to have a guide. I was concerned that directly consulting guides could be used as a way of not taking full responsibility for oneself, of becoming dependent on someone else, to whom you gave a greater authority, to make your decisions for you.

Worse still, I feared the person channelling could con others into believing what they wanted them to believe, or that the receiver of the channelled information could deceive themselves into believing what they wanted to hear. Couldn't the channellers get into major ego trips or the temptation to manipulate people for one's own ends? This was the degree of my scepticism.

Yet on the quiet I was very grateful and fascinated by my 'presence' which I then called 'Blue Angel'. I couldn't deny that this was something special.

Learning about channeling in a formal setting Years later in the early 1990s whilst I was observing one of my healing trainees give a healing I felt a profound change of energy in the healing room, rather like when you are driving a car and you change into a higher gear. Afterwards I asked her what she had done. "Oh, I brought in my guide. I've just done a weekend course called 'Opening to Channel'. You would like the teacher Â? she's very down to earth and professional".

By this time I was privately doing automatic writing Â? asking for guidance around healing techniques I could teach and writing down the answers that came. I decided to contactLita de Alberdi at the School of the Living Light. and do some channelling courses with her.

When I first officially 'opened to channel' in 1992 I learned that 'Blue Angel' was not the actual name of my guide, but rather a quality of energy that I channel when I am doing hands-on healing.

I discovered that the name of my guide that I verbally channel is 'Ortundra' Â? a teaching guide who is committed to helping people discover what kind of life is possible when you know you are loved unconditionally.

I have also learned that the name, or even having a name at all, does not really matter. What is important is an 'energy signature' Â? a felt vibration which helps the individual channeller recognise when they have made the connection with their own guide.

An intellectual leapOver the years I have come to accept that the phenomenon of guides demands an intellectual leap in consciousness.

For me, there is a paradox here Â? the guides are both aspects of our own 'higher' minds and at the same time are part of a collective consciousness that are 'separate' from us as individuals. To me this is a question of perception.  Quantum physics tells us that absolutely everything is interconnected. On the quantum level subatomic particles are not objects as such, but rather tendencies to exist - sometimes they behave as particles, sometimes like a wave. They are indeterminate packets of energy that vibrate.

So when we consider verbal channelling we need to open our minds and be willing to understand reality way beyond our rational thinking capabilities. We also need to take on board that consciousness is not the brain, but see the brain as the vehicle for consciousness.My personal purpose in my work is to make what is deemed extraordinary ordinary and so help others and myself become empowered in the process. To me, Ortundra is both an aspect of my own higher mind and is a separate, highly evolved intelligence.

The Open to Channelling workshops that I run are a safe space in which people can come and explore this phenomenon and learn how to use it as a real resource for themselves.  It is important to be able to meditate and to be sufficiently stable and aware of one's own personal issues to be able to work in this way.

About the author:

Delcia McNeil, BA(hons), CQSW, ITEC, Dip.TH, UKCP has been working within the field of complementary therapies for twenty seven years, having been in social work during the 1970s. She is a UKCP registered psychotherapist (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and has been a registered healer for twenty seven years. She is also a channel, an artist, a published author and workshop leader.

Author: Delcia McNeil
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