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Delcia McNeil


What is Paint Your Art Out?

Paint your Art Out is the name I give to the workshops that I run that are both playful and therapeutic.  This means that they are an opportunity to freely paint and draw without judgement or having a 'success' goal.  They are also art therapy in that painting intuitively often uncovers aspects of ourselves that may be hidden from consciousness, or offers us an opportunity to 'paint out' our feelings and thoughts.  Once outside of us we can assess what they mean to us, often times feeling freed up or more in touch with ourselves.  I believe the creative process and the therapeutic process are really one and the same thing.


How can you paint chakras?

Most people nowadays have heard of chakras, even if they may feel a little hazy about what they actually are.  When we paint intuitively we are closer to being aware of our own energy flow and chakras are really about how that vital energy flows through our subtle bodies. The subtle bodies are layers of the aura or human energy field that surrounds us. Chakras are described as organizing centres for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies.  If we think of creativity as involving the flow of energy through us then connecting with the chakras whilst we paint, or choosing to express what we experience to be the energy of a specific chakra through painting is a very positive thing to do.  We potentially 'unblock' stuck energy.  Sometimes this can mean we touch in deeply on personal issues that we have been avoiding Â? and that's often uncomfortable Â? but the old adage 'you can't make an omelette without cracking the eggs' holds true for any kind of therapeutic work.


The 'Creative Bug'

Many types of both emotional and physical illness and unhappiness can be helped by a willingness to find a creative outlet Â? painting is just one of many (eg. singing, playing an instrument, writing, sewing, crafts, DIY and so on).  You don't have to have natural talent or think you have to be good at something.  Once you have 'the creative bug' life becomes really (or even more) worth living because you never know where your creativity will take you and you always have a kind of friend with you Â? an activity to fall back on if you feel lonely, afraid, or simply bored.











About the author:

Delcia McNeil BA(hons), CQSW, ITEC, DipTH, UKCP is a registered psychotherapist (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and a registered subtle energy healer (Association for Therapeutic Healers). She is a group facilitator & therapist, teacher, channel and published author. Delcia is a practising artist and has been exhibiting & selling her own artwork for the last twelve years. Her next weekend Paint Your Art Out workshop near Kendal in South Cumbria is on 5 & 6 March 2011. contact Delcia on 015395 62420


Author: Delcia McNeil
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