Kahuna Bodywork (or Hawaiian Massage, Lomi Lomi)


What is it?

Kahuna bodywork is a healing art originating in Hawaii. There are different forms and until recently, Kahuna bodywork was only passed down through oral tradition from one generation in a family to the next.

The word Kahuna has many meanings, one definition is "Spiritual keeper of knowledge, priest or shaman and masters of the art".

Traditionally, Kahuna bodywork was carried out on three consecutive days and often received on special ceremonial days by Hawaiian royalty. Each day was aimed at restoring balance and harmony to the client, the first being the physical level, the second day relating to the emotional self and the last day working at the 'bone level' which is seen as an opportunity for new growth and spiritual aspects. Today, the average session lasts approximately two hours.

Kahuna bodywork is a deep and rhythmical massage. The rhythm is very relaxing and works gently but deeply into the muscles using continuous flowing strokes. The energy comes from the use of this rhythm and movement, creating a continuous ebb and flow between the practitioner and the client. The practitioner uses the forearm, fingers, heel and palm of the hand in long, flowing movements over the body that bring fresh oxygen to every cell. Various massage techniques are used to relax the muscles, increase circulation and break down adhesions and to increase the vibrational rate of the cells of the body. Acupressure points may also be used, plus warm stone therapy, breathing techniques, chanting, music, visualisations, herbs and aromas depending on the lineage of the practitioner.

A main principle of Kahuna bodywork is to encourage clients to know themselves better by inwardly listening to their own bodies and experiences and aims to help clients accept their own body and love themselves. Whilst the technique is an important part of the massage and associated healing, the practitioner works in harmony with the client with love and compassion to connect to one's own self-love which is believed to strengthen the ability to recognise the beauty in our life and surroundings. One of the tenets of Kahuna bodywork is everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love.

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