What is it?

I doubt there can be a therapy as ancient as the art of healing, although it may not have been called thus in the beginning of mankind. The very first use of the power of healing may have been by a mother wanting to comfort a hurt child and placing her hands over a bruise, or kissing the child better. Without perhaps being aware of it, this mother is transmitting a healing energy as her love goes to the child.

Nowadays, healing comes in many different forms and names and although the underlying principles may be similar, the beliefs about what makes the healing possible are many. Some people would call it a gift from God, others will claim to be helped by spirit guides, whilst others will have a much more pragmatic approach and talk about energy fields. Most healers believe that they are channeling an energy which exists all around us. This energy helps repair and re-establish balance in the aura around a person and, through that, affect changes at a physiological or psychological level as well as work at a spiritual level. The healing of one person by another can be done either from a distance or by the laying-on of hands.

Although the many forms of healing have been derided by the orthodox medical establishment for far too long, many people have benefited from receiving healing. It is only very recently that some people in the medical world have started to accept that healing can be beneficial, to the extent that healers can now be found in some hospitals and clinics.

During healing, you will most probably be asked to sit upright or to lie down, relax and close your eyes whilst the healer passes his or her hands over you, usually a few centimetres away from your body. You may experience a sensation or warmth and energy through you and become very relaxed indeed. You may also feel energised. Some people begin to feel better almost immediately whilst others may not feel any benefit for days or weeks, and then not always in the ways in which it was expected.

Although it is hoped that any physical symptoms can be "cured" as a result of the exchange of energy, sometime the healing will happen by first creating within the patient a greater understanding of what they are going through and of the steps they may need to take to help themselves.

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