Reflexology; What is it? How can it help?

The Origins of Reflexology

Reflexology is a therapy that dates back many hundreds of years and was practised in Egypt, China, India and Japan.

The first evidence of its use was discovered in pictures found within a tomb in 2500 BC in Egypt. Tribes of North American Indians knew the relationship between the reflexes on the feet and parts of the body and actually used reflexology to help in the treatment of diseases.

What is Reflexology?

As a complementary therapy Reflexology treats the whole person, not just any presenting symptoms and takes into account all aspects of a person's life. The body can become out of balance after periods of stress, injury or illness which may result in the energy pathways becoming blocked. Thus the body is unable to perform to the best of its ability.

A Reflexology treatment can help to clear any blockages within the body and subsequently improve the flow of energy within by applying gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet or the hands. This in turn encourages the body to return to a state of balance. The treatment itself induces a state of deep relaxation which stimulates the body's own self healing processes to engage and helps to create an overall feeling of well being.

Reflexology does not diagnose or treat particular illnesses this is something that medical practitioners do, nor is Reflexology a foot massage. The only tools used in a Reflexology treatment are the hands and the process encourages the body to heal itself as the flow of energy increases and returns to normal to all parts of the body. Under no circumstances should Reflexology be used as an alternative to conventional medicine, but it can be used in conjunction with as it aids healing.

What happens during a Reflexology Treatment?

During an initial consultation you will be asked questions about your lifestyle, diet, medical history and any medication currently taken which will enable a treatment plan to be determined. You will then be asked to remove your shoes and socks and be made comfortable in a reclining chair. Relaxing music will be playing and the Reflexology treatment will begin with a gently warm up of the feet and the application of calendula powder, which aids the movement of the hands over the feet. The treatment will last approximately 60 minutes during which time you should sense a feeling of deep relaxation.

On completion of the treatment you will be asked for feedback and will be advised if any findings were made. Finally some suggestions will be made which could benefit your overall wellbeing such as improving your diet, exercise or even to help you to de-stress and unwind. These are only suggestions and it will be down to the individual to decide whether or not to encompass the holistic nature of the treatment and treat the whole self.

How will I feel after a Reflexology Treatment?

The majority of people come out of a Reflexology treatment feeling extremely relaxed and calm, however, as Reflexology stimulates the body's own self healing processes it is possible to feel emotional, lethargic, nauseous, or feel the need to visit the toilet more often. If say you are suffering from a cold symptoms can get worse before they get better. This is, however, nothing to worry about as the treatment has encouraged the body to get rid of any toxins present within and the symptoms should only last for a short period of time. If you become concerned with how you are feeling feel free to get in touch and we can discuss the situation.

It is necessary to drink plenty of water following a Reflexology treatment in order to help get rid of toxins and return the body to a state of balance.

How can Reflexology help me?

As a complementary therapy Reflexology can help to relieve stress, improve sleep and the circulation and rebalance hormones. It can also be beneficial to those suffering with digestive disorders, neck, shoulder and back problems, muscular pain, headaches, migraines, menopausal issues, hormone imbalance, infertility and sinus problems including hay fever. Reflexology also helps to rid the body of toxins and create a balance within so promoting general well being. Reflexology is considered to be a method of preventative health care.

In today's busy and hectic lifestyles it is important to find time to unwind and relax so if nothing else a Reflexology treatment can be considered as one of the most relaxing 60 minutes spent. We all deserve some down time so why not give it a try?

About the author:

I am a fully qualified and insured holistic therapist, in the fields of Reflexology and Hopi Ear Candling, and am registered as a PRM (Professional Reflexology Member). As part of my CPD (Continuous Professional Development) I have studied Advanced Reflexology Techniques for Fertility and Pregnancy.

Author: Angela Daws
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