How can Systematic Kinesiology augment my own Healthcare Practice?

Kinesiology is totally holistic because it is a modality that treats an individual as a whole unique being on a number of levels, chemically, physically, structurally, emotionally, and electrically.   There is no requirement for any belief system, and the individual need not even believe that the treatment will work (although of course any treatment modality will be more effective when the client participates wholeheartedly).  

Where there is a physical/structural imbalance, kinesiology treats using firm massage of the affected lymphatic points that relate to that muscle.  Lymph feeds and cleans the cells of the body without the aid of a pump, like the heart, and it is crucial that lymph is stimulated with massage or exercise.

Where there is an emotional connection, we can test bach flower remedies, and use emotional stress release which sends blood to the area of the brain involved in problem solving, removes a layer of stress from the body and 'changes the spectacles the person is using' so the perception of the problem changes.

If there is an electrical imbalance, we can balance chakras, auric energy, trace meridian energy and hold meridian energy interchange points (where an acupuncturist would use needles)

For chemical imbalance we can find the offending product that is causing the problem (food, drink, skin products,) and/or find nutritional/herbal supplements that will help strengthen the whole circuit.

Reflexologists can still use reflexology as their main treatment modality and where their client requires further support can use kinesiology to test products which may be causing chemical imbalance which is manifesting in the points on the feet.  If their treatment of the feet showed regular weakness in the lung area, for example, they could, if they wished, muscle test the muscles that correspond to the lung to give further insight into what additional support the client wanted.

Nutritionists and Homeopaths have the added benefit of being able to test nutritional supplements or remedies which they previously have used educated calculation for so that the client is able to feel the difference and participate in their treatment programme more fully.

Acupuncturists would be able to contact locate specific meridian points to muscle test and ensure that they are treating the correct points in conjunction with wrist pulses AND use lymphatic stimulation points to enhance the electrical energy treatment they are giving.

Counsellors and EFT Practitioners would be able to muscle test certain thoughts and emotions and check areas of fundamental conflict in the client.  Further specific kinesiology techniques learned would speed up and enhance the clients' recovery and growth.

So as you can see, in the complementary therapy arena, there isn't necessarily 'one size fits all'.  We attract the clients that are right for us and can all work together and use and learn from different elements of other's practices to enhance the treatments we give.

Linda Belcher is a Systematic Kinesiologist working from a busy Practice in Shoreham by Sea and also teaches Kinesiology to Foundation Level. Next course starts in Forest Row, East Sussex, 10th September. 07787 194337

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Kinesiologist, Reflexologist, Facial Rejuvenation Practitioner. Used to work in HR with multi national organisation

Author: Linda Belcher
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