Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), Pubalgia, Pelvic Girdle Pain & Pregnancy!

SPD is not a new condition; back In 1870 Snelling described the relaxation of the pelvic joints, which lead to distressing symptoms within the female pregnant population.  141 years later and orthodox medicine will still inform patients that nothing can be done (apart from a support belt, crutches and some pain killers).  Due to this women often suffer for months with severe symptoms such as pain over the front of the pelvis, pain in the lower back and buttock area and difficulty in or inability to walk.

This condition is brought about by a hormone called 'relaxin' which peaks during pregnancy and leads to a relaxation of the ligament s that support the pelvic joints.  As osteopaths we often find that this conditions is due to a disparity between the mobility of the three pelvic joints, or that the pubic joint at the front is misaligned, or that the related muscles in and around the pelvis are working so hard to stabilise the area.  Often pain is due to a combination of all these factors and treatment will concentrate on the normalising of these tissues.

Treatments such as osteopathy can often get quite remarkable and from my experience and from discussions with other osteopaths, patients are often back to normal daily function within 1 ' 3 treatments.  Other manual therapies are beginning to come around to the Osteopathic view on this (1), but this will take many years to be implemented into the mainstream of practice.

I am fully aware of the distress and difficulty that this condition can cuase.  Prior to my studies as a Osteopath my wife suffered from SPD for many years.  So remember that you do not have to put up with the pain, and you do not have to wait until you have given birth to get treated.


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Osteopath and sports and remedial massage therapist, based in Buckhurst Hill Essex.


Author: Glen Daniels M.Ost
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