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Anusha is an exciting new energy healing system channelling the sparkling brilliance and scintillating energy of the stars. The word Anusha means, "Beautiful morning, the first rays of light at dawn". The first symbol Patsi and Kate received, the Master symbol, Nomada, carries the energy of ending your search, finding that elusive answer, the key to contentment and fulfilment and realising that you've always had that inside. So, Anusha eliminates your need to look outside to external things or other people and facilitates looking inside and recognising that you already have all you ever wanted, by simply connecting with your own wisdom, your inner knowing. This enables you to stop striving and enjoy the peace and calm of coming home to yourself. That's the signature of the whole healing system; that you already have what you want, you just need to be quiet, still and calm, to go inside and connect with it. So, why had Anusha come through now? As Patsi and Kate explain, "it heralds a New Age - the age of Aquarius, with an emphasis on unity and sharing rather than duality and division".

My journey began with Patsi and Kate, who brought in this beautiful energy. It was a Reiki colleague, a member of our Reiki group, who first mentioned Anusha. I had not heard of it but she raved about it and about Patsi and Kate, so I invited them to our Reiki Share group to tell us about it. I remember from the session at the Share group feeling the energy as very tangible, I remember the familiar feeling I felt as Patsi and Kate spoke of the connection to the Essenes. I did not act on this immediately though I recalled a Transference healing I had in Sept 2009 in which Rena had told me that Mother Mary was beside me and that I had been there when Christ had been crucified, and that I hold a lot of related pain from that experience in my heart. I have always felt deeply connected to the Christ energy, or Sanada, who is the Ascended Master working through Anusha. I have had past lives relating to this time when I was an Essene mother and my son was being taken away, separated from me. I had guilt at not being able to save him though I knew he was being of service. During the session I was able to recognize that it was not my fault and I was able to communicate my love to my son, as he was to me at that time. Patsi and Kate feel that people attracted to Anusha have had a past life connection as an Essene. They both have had important roles in those times as Patsi's book on Anusha recounts in detail.

I took the first two levels with a bit of a break so that I could get to know the symbols. I worked with them with cancer patients at the hospital and was surprised that many of them, who before had received their Reiki treatments without much comment, described feeling so, so relaxed and were very expressive about how they felt afterwards. This is the beauty of Anusha, alongside the fact that it integrates so perfectly with all the other healing modalities I have at my disposal. The main thing I noticed was the immediacy of the effects of the symbols. As soon as I would think or draw them in my hands heat and sensations occurred. I have worked with Reiki for many years and I can honestly say that I have never felt such tangible feelings so quickly in my hands.

So, that was me hooked! That is not to say that I value my Reiki experience or healing tools any less. Reiki is the foundation, the building block for many of these more recent energies to rest upon. But there is urgency for us all to wake up and these new energies of Metatronic Healing (to find out more visit my website) and Anusha, and I am sure there are many more out there, are needed to really get us to rise to the challenge of these changing times with 2012 rapidly approaching. It is time to walk your talk so that we may assist others to do the same. Ansuha offers us this opportunity.

I have now completed the Master Practitioner and Master Teacher levels and have had the privilege and immense pleasure of being able to pass this energy onto others! It is easy to learn with one day courses for levels 1, 2 and 3, and two days for the Master Teacher level and, with follow up support, it feels right that it is taught in this way.

Patsi has written a book about Anusha which you can order through her website or I am happy to get signed copies for you. Patsi and Kate are an amazing team and are spreading the word of Anusha far and wide. What makes it extra special is that it does not in any way come from Ego or from a need to rake in lots of money but from a clear, pure passion and enthusiasm to spread this scintillating, dazzling new energy far and wide for all to share, appreciate and to heal with. To find out more about Patsi and Kate go to their website

 Student feedback

Anusha energy is brilliant. I thought I might experience it in a similar way to Reiki energy, but it feels quite different. I would say cleaner, clearer, more supportive in that I sense the energy completely enfolding me and buoying me up. I also had a clear sense of separate archetypes being present, which with Reiki had not been so Â? I often had a sense of energies present but without discerning separate ones.

"I felt ill when I arrived but after the training I felt energized. The energy boosted me until the early hours of this morning. The boost was lovely and tangible. Also, I think I have used the Anusha symbols more since Tues than I have used Usui (apart from CKR) in a long time".

"Many thanks for a lovely day learning about Anusha. I had a wonderful sleep last night and woke up refreshed and energized. It was a calm, relaxing, unhurried day which I enjoyed immensely

"The night of the healing, I was lying in bed doing reiki when I was overcome by feelings of such bliss. My hands were scorching hot on my body and I thought about the Anusha symbols but before I could scribe anything, all of them (I think I do mean ALL symbols) flashed up because they were already there as energy Â? perfectly formed. They danced around for only a few seconds but it was quite beautiful. Later, in my sleep, I clearly felt and saw Ganesha squarely in front of me and felt the clarity and pureness of his strength.  Thank you, Louise, for bringing beautiful Anusha into my life. (Ganesha is one of the Anusha Level 2 symbols).

Louise Page is an Anusha Master teacher Practitioner and offers Anusha Training in Wendover, Bucks but will travel to provide training in other areas for groups of 5/6 01296 696 285 

About the author:

I am a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Metaphysical Counsellor and Facilitator, Metatronic Healing Practitioner to advanced level and Anusha Master Teacher

Author: Louise Page
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