SEKHEM - How it all Began


An Energy Called Sekhem is being discovered by many energy healers around the world. For many years the history of how this incredible energy was rediscovered was unknown.Here is an accurate factual account of how it all began.

I was always drawn to Egypt and the energy there called Sekhem, at that time I just called it pyramid power. Egypt was the area of the world that I was most fascinated with. 

During the time I was in architectural school I enrolled in a competition designing a tourist complex at the pyramids.  In the design I incorporated a lot of the angles and geometry from the pyramids and this influenced my future work with a lot of my day-to-day projects.

After this competition I felt I just had to go the Egypt. It  was one of my goals and dreams. One of the things I want to stress is that it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has to go to Egypt. I had set it up in my belief structure In Egypt something wonderful would happen to me and that it was my path to go there. At the time I did not know how this would manifest.

I ended up being drawn to apply to the Peace Corps. So my first choice was Nepal. They did not have the Peace Corps in Egypt at the time nor was it offered, but I went to Yemen which was another Arab country on the tip of Saudi Arabia across from Africa.

I was in Yemen for quite some time.  I wanted to connect with the Sufi tradition there, which is the mystical side of Islam -- much like within Christianity there are definitely more mystical aspects within the Christian faith that deal with connecting more fully, kind of like having extra meditation practices and really striving to connect. I had gone to Yemen and unfortunately didn't connect with any Sufi groups at all there, so I just practiced meditation very regularly. I had a lot of free time, because of the way the culture is structured and what ended up developing was my own spiritual practice and also learning some of the basics of other Islamic religions which was very important for me to get around and to communicate and to talk to people.

About halfway through I had a vacation and I went to Egypt.  Of course I just had to go to the pyramids. As you read this, if you have been there, you can visualize what it is like and for those of you who have not been there I will describe what it is like.

As you approach on the bus you can see the pyramids. They begin to poke up through the trees. You appear like huge monuments. It's really spectacular as you begin to leave Cairo. Cairo is on the east bank. Giza is the town which is around the pyramids on the west bank of the Nile.

The Egyptians divided the area up, the west side being the place of the burial sites of the Pharaohs and of other world. The other side - the eastern side was really the side of the life - of the now of day to day living. So that's where people farmed and lived their lives. The west bank was all sacred. So as you enter over you can actually feel the energy shifting as you cross over the Nile and move into the plateau of the pyramids and they are on a plateau which makes them even more spectacular. The busÂ?s come up very close to the pyramids and you get out and walk right up to them. The pyramids fill your whole field of vision. While you are there people are trying to sell you camel rides, and sell you all kinds of things for tourists. I just walked right by them.   As you go into the Great Pyramid there is a place where the thieves had carved a whole in the side Â? this is now the main entrance. It's about a quarter of the way up the pyramid. There is a carved out entrance that you go into and then you go into the smaller chambers where you have to crouch down. So imagine yourself having to crouch down a little bit and moving through some of these chambers. It is a very tight space.

The temperature with a lot of people in there is a little warm, but not uncomfortable. You have to go through these tunnels. The tunnels are very squared. They are not really meant for people to be walking in. They had giant plugs of granite that were put into these tunnels.  You come to an area where you can go in  two directions. You could go straight ahead or up.  Going straight ahead takes you into the Queen's chamber.  This is where I went first.   The hallway got bigger and then there was a little doorway and to the right the chamber opened up.

The Queen's chamber was smaller than the Kings. It has a little pointed ceiling. It also had the sarcophagus off to the right. Energetically, it was very peaceful there. I sat down and meditated for awhile. It was a time of day where you didn't have a lot of people there. I had the whole place to myself as I had come early in the morning. I just sat there and felt the energy.  Then felt drawn to move around the chamber as there were more people coming in.  I decided to go to the Kings chamber when it got busier.

To access the Kings Chamber you must climb many stairs going upward.  Just inside the King's chamber is what they call  the Grand Gallery. You enter in and the ceiling goes up almost 24 or 30 feet. You emerge from this small claustrophobic tube to this very high spacious staircase that goes up and up and up about two thirds of the way into the pyramid.

As you enter into the King's chamber the sounds are awesome. Every sound vibrates. It is like you are walking into a big bell.  The sound of your footsteps vibrates. If you are quiet enough you can practically hear yourself breathing in this space. Acoustically, it's perfect. You can make an Om sound and the Om is just carried through. It's so deep.

Again, I walked in and felt right at home. I walked around and saw the sarcophagus off to the right and the position of the head I assumed, was up to the north. So the sarcophagus was oriented in the north-south position. The sarcophagus itself is the container where the King was placed and is a solid piece of granite.

When hit it would reverberate in a deep long Â?bongÂ? sound. It was almost like a gong. That sound carries a lot of energy. I knew that I wasn't staying here for long at this time. I walked around. I knew in my heart that I needed to spend the night here. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I asked for the guidance for this to occur. Right when I was leaving, I started to look around and saw this little door where some thieves had carved into the granite that encased the King's chamber. There was a tiny hole big enough for someone to crawl into but knew it would take some effort to get in there.

There was a gate that was covering the whole which was unlocked. So I thought  Â?hmmÂ?. I had a flashlight with me and used it to look up in there and I thought, "well that looks interesting" and this voice said, "you are going in there, but not now."

So I left for my hotel and the next morning I returned. I had prepared. I had decided that I would fast from that point to empty my bowels. I had the things I thought I would need for spending the night.

I found the gate was open, so when there wasn't anyone around, I opened the gate and crawled in and shut it behind me and kept crawling up. Of course I had no idea what was in there but I crawled up and up and up. It went into a little alcove that was above the King's chamber.

I was quite amazed how the blocks of granite and stone differed from those on the outside. The outside blocks all fitted together well, but the blocks on the inside of the pyramid are quite crude and rough similar to other buildings in this part of the world.

I sat there and meditated. I meditated all day long. It was just wonderful. I was just in this state of suspended animation. The energy was very nice.  It was just really calm and peaceful. I meditated all day long right up above the King's chamber.  Every now and then I could hear tourists coming and going. I waited until I felt all the people had left and I heard the gate being shut.

It was about 7:00 at night. There is a big metal gate at the front entrance and it echoed all the way up through the Grand Gallery into the King's chamber to where I was.   I just waited a bit longer until it was absolutely still and there wasn't another sound and then I came out.

I crawled out of the tunnel and I went directly into the King's chamber. Of course it was absolutely pitch black. There was no light whatsoever. I did have my flashlight so I could get around. I turned it on and found the sarcophagus and proceeded to sit in it and mediate.  I heard  a voice say, "No, you aren't supposed to sit in it." So I laid down.  I was actually a very good fit. For those of you that have never met me, I am very tall. I am about 6'5". But I fit perfectly! Now, of course, this is not the coffin that the King is put in. This is the outer casing. And as I was laying down I bumped the edge and it reverberated this wonderful tone -- "bohhmm" it was like a gonging sound. I laid down and just started to meditate and before long I could hear this very high pitched sound coming, like an "eeeeeeeeee" and I go "Oh wow! That's awful quick!" You know, things are starting to happen.

I was laying there and I said "Okay, whatever is going to happen, you know, just come on in." And before long I realized that this high pitched sound was mosquitoes. I thought, "Wait a minute. There's not supposed to be mosquitoes in the pyramids!" You know from the reading I have done, these forms of life where not supposed to be here. And that's one thing that I definitely have a problem with, mosquitoes. I wasn't prepared for mosquitoes. I did have a roll of toilet paper with me, so I thought, "Oh, what I'll do is wrap myself up so they canÂ?t bite me.Â? I wrapped the paper around my arms and I wrapped my feet because I didn't have socks on. And then I wrapped my face as well and laid back down again.

Once I began to get comfortable I heard this "boom....boom" sound.  I thought, "Oh, no...someone's coming." And so here I am, laying in a sarcophagus all wrapped up in toilet paper, and someone's coming. My mind is going, "Well, like, what should I do? Should I try to get back out?" And I realized if someone's coming up the grand gallery and I get up I'll have to turn my light on and, of course, they would see me. So I thought "I'm just going to stay put."  I actually couldn't move anyway! It was like this energy was just over me and I was frozen. And so I lay and listened.

This sound "boom...boom" and I could feel it coming up the Grand Gallery. I began to rationalize; I'd say "well, maybe it's somebody coming." Then I thought, "no, if it were somebody coming up the steps they would turn on a light." And at that point I realized whatever it is, is not human.  If it's not human, what else could it be? Well, maybe it's bats flying around and I'm hearing the bat droppings or something going on.  As I listen deeper, I think no, it's too consistent. It can't be an animal or anything. At that point I realize that it's something beyond animal or human. At that point I began to feel a fear coming over me. "Like, what is going on here?!

What is really happening?" 

The fear -- now I've been in situations before which were very fearful, where people pointed guns at me or such. But this fear started to overwhelm me and I just fell deeper and deeper into the fear. It was freezing me, it was just extremely overwhelming.

I could feel the sound coming closer and as it got closer I became more fearful. As it entered into the King's chamber, I could feel a presence coming towards me. My fear went deeper, and deeper, and as it got closer, and closer I had no idea what was going to happen. All of a sudden I felt this energy above me and I could for the first time see it and it was like whirling energy.  It had a figure eight pattern to it. It was moving around in circles and flying over me and at that point I thought, "Well, I could die now. Or I could just allow whatever this is to happen to me. I mean this is the reason I came." Then energetically it started.  I felt "okay, I'm open to whatever happens."  Suddenly the fear melted away and the energy started to come down into my heart. I felt warmth and a love fill my whole being.   

The fear was transformed into this feeling of love.

I felt it coming into my body.  I could still hear the sound and the sound that I was hearing was that of my heart-beat.  This sound had been transformed outside myself into the inside.  Now it was transfixed right in my heart. For the whole night, I lay in meditation feeling the energy within my heart and feeling it move all the way through my body, just allowing myself to receive whatever else would come in.  That's how the rest of the night felt, just being bathed in this love.

I had my alarm set for morning but I didn't sleep at all that night. The alarm went off and I knew it was time to leave. I went back into my hiding place and waited for the first few tour groups to come and go. When I felt it was appropriate I came out. When I came out, I realized that I was covered in this white dust. I was white all over. I looked down at my arms and they were just totally white with this white powder. I brushed it off as best as I could. I felt it in my hair and brushed it out as much as I could, yet it was still caked all over my clothes. I walked out with one of the tour groups.As I was leaving, the guards started to call me in Arabic, "Come here!" and I pretended I didn't hear them and kept walking.  I walked out of the pyramid and they're yelling behind me "You get back here!" I just kept walking and pretty soon I saw a bus just starting to pull away.  I ran for the bus and I jumped on and left the area. I went back in my hotel room. When I got in I looked in the mirror and I was covered in white powder. I had a beard at the time and it was just as if someone had sprinkled flour me all over. I laid down and sat with the energy for awhile. And later on in the day I took a shower and cleaned up. I decided to go into the old city of Cairo where all the old mosques and everything were located.  Many of the blocks from the pyramids were used to build some of the mosques that were in the old city.

I was walking in the old city and a woman came up to me who was dressed in orange and had a mandala around her neck. and she was a Bhagwan  Sanyasin which is very rare in Egypt. She came up to me and said, "I'm looking for someone and was wondering if you could help me?" I would wear the Gelabia  (Egyptian robe and the turban, so we were both dressed non-Western looking.

I said, "sure I'll do what I can and help you find him."  I could speak pretty good Arabic and she had the name of a man and I thought well "Good Luck!", but I asked someone in Egyptian, "would you happen to be able to help me find this person?" And he said, "Oh yes. He doesn't live here. But there's a group of his students, they have a school right across the street." So we went over there and it was essentially a school for Sufis.

They invited us in and we told them who we were looking for. They said, "Well, the Sheik, whose name is Sheikh Mohamed Osman al Burhani, lives in the Sudan.Web site ( But if you'd like to stay with us we'll teach you what he teaches us.  So we stayed there about a week. It was just wonderful. Their whole practice was just what I had learned in the pyramid, i.e., essentially focusing on the heart.  They would hold the heart center when they would do their prayers.  They had this dance which was not like the normal Sufi dancing that I was used to but they would dance in a spiral Â? like the infinity.   They would move from left to right swaying in this infinity pattern. The Men would all line up to dance  and the women would sit off in another room and pray.  T dance they called Zicker,  defined as their Â?rememberingÂ?.

It was a very powerful experience. I felt energy flowing through me. They would dance the energy with drumming and singing.  It would get stronger and stronger as the energy would build.

Then they would quiet down and we would sit for a while and then would go back into the dance again. They would do this almost all night long. I did this for about a week and at the end of the week I started having visions.

A man came to me.  He was a black man with a turban. I told the group about my vision. Of course they had pictures of him all over the place and that may have helped but it was just so clear. They told me that one of the gifts of the Sheik is that he does visit us in our dreams very often and teaches us that way. My friend and I, Bergit was her name, decided that we were going to go to the Sudan. We were going to take the train and boat and travel the whole overland experience. When we told the group we were going to go, they said, "no, no, no" and they gave us both airplane tickets which was really quite astonishing.

We flew there but had no idea where we were going.  We only had the Sheik's name. We got off the plane and got our bags and asked a taxicab driver if he could take us to see Sheik Mohamed Osman Brahani.   "Why certainly!" He knew exactly where we needed to go and he drove us right to the door. He would not take any money at all which was total astonishment.

We had arrived at his home. He had a very small home with a very big living room where people would come to see him. He sat at one end in a big chair. There were chairs all the way around the room and other people were there. We came in and introduced ourselves. It was very informal and he would share and talk. I spent about two weeks with him. The first week was mainly getting to know the people. They would have dinner and everybody would share the meal.

The Sheik would tell me stories and he talked a lot about how the earth had changed. He said at one time Adam and Eve were like giants, they were huge. He talked about how as people would take from the earth they would get smaller. Through the years the size of man got smaller and smaller. He gave me a little bit of history of this but most of it was mythical. After the first week he gave me some beads and said now with each of the beads you say "Allah." There were 100 beads and you would go through them as your way of counting out "Allah" 100 times.  It became a continuous process Â? you would do it all the time rather than just 100 times in the morning or evening.

The beads had a second counter to count each 100, just so that at the end of the day you knew how many you had said. This would give your mind a focus.  One day the Sheik -- it was interesting -- he looked at me and said, "You know, usually I ask the people when you are saying "Allah" to focus on one of the prophets. You can focus on me, you can focus on Mohammed, on Abraham, Adam or one of the prophets." Then he looked at me and said "or if you want, you can just visualize the most beautiful light." Because he knew I had a lot of resistance to worshiping another man and I think he just tuned right into that and he said, "You just focus and visualize the light and just say Allah."

What he said came through as "All love" for me and so that was what I would say, "All love, all love, all love." It was so beautiful because I didn't have anything else to do and so for the rest of the week that's what I did. About halfway through the second week, I was laying in bed.  I remember I had a little fever. The Sheik would come into the guest quarters to visit. There were two buildings and the Sheik had his own place. The guests would stay in another building about a block away. I was laying in bed waiting for him to come because he would come every evening. I looked up and he was standing next to my bed and he commented, "You know Abdolla, you really should become a Muslim." At that point I said, "No, I really cannot become a Muslim mainly because of the way you treat your women." He looked at me and he said, "Well, I understand." For just a second I looked away and then when I looked back he was gone. I looked around and asked "Well, where are you? Where did you go?" I got up and walked around and asked everybody, "Where is the Sheik? I was just talking to him." They said, " no, the Sheik never came." I became very curious and said, What do you mean? I was just talking to him." Everybody said, "No, no, no, he never came, he never came." I could not believe it. So I put on my shoes and went over to his house.

He had someone taking care of him and I asked "Is the Sheik in?" And he said, "Yeah, he's in. You can come in." We were both there together alone. I had asked the caretaker before I went in "Did the Sheik leave?" And he said, "No, no, he's been here the whole time." I walked in and the Sheik was laying down. As I walked in, he looked over at me and said, "You know, you really should become a Muslim." For a moment I was just speechless. Finally, I looked at him and said "Well, I already answered you." He just smiled.

We meditated together for awhile and he held my hand. They were really into holding hands. In my heart part of me wanted what they had with their faith but I just knew that I could not become a Muslim like they were and that is what I expressed to him and he said, "Well, that's okay, that's okay."

When I left I continued with all the meditations and teachings he had given me which I still do today.  That was really the main teaching for me at that time. Up to that point I had really just worked on myself.

When I got back to Yemen it was like a whole new world had opened up for me. I was starting to do out of body experiences weekly, sometimes twice a week, just experiencing flying around and having incredible experiences. One of the most powerful experiences happened one evening when I was sitting and meditating. I started to hear these beautiful sounds. First it was like a drumming sound and then it would move to a bumble bee sound. This would happen quite regularly yet on one particular night it moved all the way to where it was like angels singing. I had a friend with whom I would share a lot of the experiences I was going through. She lived in the same house as me. I lived at the top and she lived at the bottom. When I would meditate I made sure my door was shut and put a mattress over the door so that sounds from other people wouldn't disturb me.

On this particular night, I could hear the beautiful sounds again and all of a sudden I was completely free of my physical body. I was in the sound and the light was just pouring in. I really wanted to share this with somebody and before I knew it I was in my friend's room with her and I looked over at her and said, "Susan, do you want to come with me and listen to some beautiful music?" She was laying in bed and she looked up and said, "No, I'm too tired" and my heart just sank. Then something inside of me said, "You can experience this on your own." Instantly, I went into an even deeper level of this sound and it was just amazing. The angels were singing and it felt like I was in heaven. Before I knew it, the sun was coming through my window and it was morning. I opened the door and was going down the steps. Susan was coming up. One of the things I was always asking was am I going crazy? What's going on here? I could have these experiences if I took LSD or something. That's what it was like. Is there a reality to it? That was the question that was on my mind a lot. Is there a reality to it? As Susan was coming up the steps and I was coming down, Susan looked into my eyes and said, "Did you come to my room last night?" That confirmed it and, of course, I explained it to her.

At that point I realized that yes, this is a shared reality. That's when my healing ability started.  I found whenever I'd get sick I'd put my hands on my body. My whole body would start to vibrate and shake. Usually, if I felt sick I'd feel better. I did this mostly on myself. I really did not have any training or know what to do if I worked with anyone else so I did not work on others. This kept happening.

Eventually I left Yemen. I went for two years to Nepal and continued working and meditating and staying with the energy and had many wonderful experiences there as well. But deep inside I knew that I had to do some learning about healing. So when I came back to America, I immediately sent off literature to different healing schools and eventually ended up at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and studied massage there. The school also taught energetic healing and vibrational healing and it was just wonderful. At that point I had also met a woman who offered to do a Reiki session on me and it was like "Oh, wow!" It was so similar to the energy I had experienced earlier. As she activated it, I would feel it go through my body. So I took the first and second degree on the first weekend without even knowing anything more about Reiki. I took it from a lady named Marilyn Alvy who was one of Barbara Ray's students and then decided that if there was more, I wanted to learn it. The information I had was really very basic and the symbols were interesting but I really wanted to know more. I knew Barbara Ray had written a book and was quite famous for her Reiki. So I figured I might as well study with one of the best people and then I found out about Phyllis Furamoto as well and gave her a call and spoke with her and was going to do the Reiki mastership.

At that time I did not have any money. All of sudden my parents called me the following weekend and said that the inheritance from my grandfather had come through. My parents sent the money and so I was able to do the Reiki training. This was all in a period of over a year. I was getting ready to do the Reiki training and all of a sudden Bergit, the lady I met in Egypt, showed up. She had called me so I was expecting her. When she arrived in Santa Fe, I thought she was coming for a visit. Instead, she said, "You know, I've been asked to take you back to Khartoum."  Something had happened to the Sheik. I said, "Well, I really can't. I've already made these arrangements for the Reiki master course." and she said that we could work it out.

We went through Houston and I picked up my passport. I did the Reiki training which was just a weekend. Then we got on an airplane and went back to Egypt. On the way to Egypt they lost all my bags and I only had a couple hundred dollars with me. Fortunately, clothing was inexpensive and so I bought myself some robes. We went all the way into Khartoum and they were very hospitable. That's when some of the elders came up and started to talk to me. They said, "You know, you're one of the few Americans that really spent any time with the Sheik." They started asking me all kinds of questions, like what where some of the things he had talked to me about? I did have a translator but I could understand some of the Arabic. I found what the translator was telling me was about 80% correct. It was interesting because that's when they told me that the prayer the Sheik had given me he doesn't give to just anyone.  It was the final prayer in a series of trainings.

They wanted me to become a Sheik and start to teach. They also wanted me to marry Bergit so we would teach together. I had not really known Bergit that well and wasn't inclined to marry her. I spent a couple weeks with them and we worked with the Zikher and the dancing. It just wasn't the same. The reason I went back was because the Sheik had died and this was his yearly anniversary and I was speaking with his son. They gave me their blessings and pretty much said to go out and teach anyway, "We know you're not going to be a Muslim Sheik but share and spread the Sheik's teachings and the things he had taught you."

I returned to the U.S. and it was interesting because all within a three week period of time I did the Reiki Mastership and then had the Sufi healing work as well.

I went back to Santa Fe and eventually up to California to study with a man named David Quigley who did Alchemical Hypnotherapy which is a very wonderful process of healing.  I started a small healing group and we did toning together and laying on of hands healing. I also began to teach some of the Reiki but I just did not feel right with it as I did not use the symbols as I was taught. It was when I was teaching a class that I met T'Om. He asked me about Reiki because he felt a lot of the energy I was working with was similar to Reiki. He asked me to teach him some more about this. I told him I could teach him the whole Reiki mastership if he liked but that I wasn't into the $10,000 price tag. I just wanted to teach it.

So I essentially taught him the Reiki and at the same time taught him the Seichim / Sekhem with the symbol Cho Ku Ret. This all came about within a week's period of time. I had no idea what to call it. I knew a woman named Christina Gerber who channeling an entity named Marat. When I started to talk to Marat about Reiki that's when Marat said what I was doing was Setim later during a meditation the word "Say Kh-im" was given to me. I really did not know how to spell it, and several spellings came to me Seichim and Seichem, later I found the spelling Sekhem in the Egyptain book of the dead. Robert Masters also used this spelling Sekhemin his book "The Goddess Sekhemet". Later on many also began to use the more formal Egyptian Spelling SKHM. Which many spell SeKHem. Sekhem has the general meaning "Power of Powers".

T'Om  Seaman was really one of the first teachers I taught. He taught Phoenix Summerfield (formerly Kathleen McMasters). ThatÂ?s when other symbols started to come through.  Phoenix was responsible for adding a lot of the symbols. That's where a lot of the Everlasting Light symbols come from. Then the Mai Yur Ma symbol came through. I was also at the same time getting a lot of other images. Essentially it comes down to form. I did not put down in symbol form what I was getting, whereas T'Om and Phoenix were very much into creating the form of it.

They did a wonderful job. Phoenix, I would say is even more responsible than T'Om for really getting out and teaching it. We had various conversations where she called me and asked me about the energy. I really gave her my deepest blessings to go out and teach it. I would say that she is the one really responsible as she would go to the expos and teach it and share it. She eventually went to Australia and touched all over the world. When she ask,Â? what do I tell people when they ask about the lineageÂ?, I told her not to include a lineage. Just teach about the energy. That is what is important.

The Seichim - Sekhem energy system really became well known in Australia, mostly due to a woman named Deepa Slater. Soon their were many different flavors of Seichim and Sekhem . Helen Belot adopted the

Sekhem spelling after taking a class with Deepa, but Deepa and Helen did not get along very well and it started to create a huge  split in the Seichim and Sekhem community. Because of this Phoenix decided to change to the Seichim spelling and use the Sekhem spelling. This added some confusion and soon many different braches of Seichim and Sekhem emerged.

After Phoenix's Death a few people began to make claims that they were the person that introduced Sekhem and Seichim. It was not until about 1998 that I began to learn the internet and posted the first History of Seichim and Sekhem and posted this story. Many were very happy to finally hear the History while others who had created their own history were not so happy.

Currently  SKHM, Sekhem and Seichim are taught worldwide.

That is how it all began.

About the author:

Patrick Zeigler is the Founder of the Energy Stream many know as Sekhem Seichim Seichem. In 1980 He traveled to Egypt that changed his life and touched the world. Nowadays Patrick Zeigler teaches Sekhem in his All-Love class worldwide. He currently lives in New Zealand with his family You can contact him at 


Author: Patrick Zeigler
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