Health Kinesiology - The therapy that let your body tell you what it needs.

Health what? How do you say it? Its pronounced Health Kin – easi – ology.

What is it? It is a wonderful, exciting, life changing system of promoting growth, healing and beneficial change into your life.

Wow! Is it really? Yes. How do I know? Well, from my own personal experience and my clients. When I used to be a manager in the Public Sector, stressed to the eyes, fighting for resources, staff with a year’s backlog of work etc. I had some time off work and began to explore some complementary therapies. When I went to see a Health Kinesiologist, I went into the room feeling like a candle stub with the flame guttering ready to blow out. I came out of the room feeling like I had been plugged into a battery charger. That was the start of my Health Kinesiology (HK) journey.

Is this typical? Well, yes and no. Yes, people make wonderful changes, but not everyone does so instantly. People respond to it at the pace, which is right for them.

How does HK work? HK is based on the premise that your body knows what is right for it. It works in the body’s energy system. To discover exactly where in the body’s system changes need to take place, a gentle pressure is applied to the muscle and the response is monitored. This indicates where the stress on the body’s system is located, and is used by the practitioner to identify the required treatment. There are no set treatments, so if you and your friend both come with the same set of symptoms you would go away having completely different treatments.

Why? If we went to the doctors we would probably get the same prescription. Yes, but HK treats the person not just the symptoms.

What do you mean? Well, take for example you and your friend, both experiencing migraine headaches. Well you are both different people, what has happened in each of your lives which has led you both to develop migraine is different, so the treatment you both require will be different.

Oh, I see, I’m not a migraine headache going to the surgery; I’m me coming to see you, as an individual not just a set of symptoms. Yes, exactly, with the added benefit of it being your body that decides what it wants so that each treatment is personalised.

What kind of things does HK treat? Well anything really as it treats the person not just symptoms. It’s probably best if I give you two or three examples. For instance one woman came to see me with panic attacks. Now you would think that her problem would be emotional, stress of some sort.

I suppose so. Well, when I tested her two thirds of the cause was emotional and psychological, but the other third was due to a physical cause. She had an allergy to cows milk, yoghurt and cheese. This was in effect the last straw for the body and it tipped her over into having the panic attacks.

HK identifies the allergy or intolerance problem and then does something about it; which is what we did in the first session. When she came back for the second session 3 weeks later, she had lost the bloating and puffiness associated with having an allergy. Additionally, she had been complimented for loosing weight and looking so well.

Suzy Varty, a cartoonist, had broken her wrist badly and it had not healed and instead had developed Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy. In consequence, two or three months after the break, her drawing wrist was still swollen, stiff, painful and mottled. She came to see me to identify supplements to support her body’s healing. Her body wanted me to tackle the problem more directly. We completed one energy correction and she phoned me the next morning to say it was 95% better overnight.

Fiona Turnbull who had been off work with anxiety sent me a card, after our work together, saying: “Before starting my treatment with you…I felt so desperate & wondered if I would ever be able to return to work…My sessions with you have left me with an inner calmness and peace…. I feel that I am no longer existing but living my life again.”

This sounds wonderful, can anyone learn HK? Yes, not only can you receive it you can now also learn it. I was so excited about HK and how it can help people I learnt to be an HK Teacher as well as a practitioner, because I want to bring it to areas where it has never been before. In 2002 I started teaching it in Newcastle and for the first time ever I’m now bringing it to the North West of the country.

The first stage 1 course in the North West is in Lake District at Rydal Water 6th – 9th March and the next stage 1 course in Newcastle is 10th – 13th April.

What will I learn at stage 1? By the end of the 4 days, you will be able to:

  • Muscle test
  • Complete the basic energy balance
  • Work in the client’s body sequence
  • Complete basic allergy and tolerance, testing and correction
  • Use some psychological techniques and much more

Is it recognised training? Yes as well as being interesting and fun, it is accredited by the Open College Network, and recognised both by the Kinesiology Federation and the Guild of Complementary Practitioners and fulfils their criteria for Continued Professional Development.

This is so exciting how do I find out more? Easy, just ring Christine on 0191 284 7615 to talk about HK, the training, or to book a session or E-mail:

Article written by Christine Fowler CQSW, BA, KFRP, MBTER.
Christine is a HK Teacher/Practitioner, Reiki, (Usui, Tibetian & Seichem) Master/Teacher, Bowen Therapist, Thought Field Therapy Practitioner, & Angel Worker as well as offering workshops on a variety of subjects

Author: Christine Fowler CQSW, BA, KFRP, MBTER
Copyright © 2023 Christine Fowler CQSW, BA, KFRP, MBTER. All rights reserved

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