Holy Water or Is It ?

Holy Water or is it?

Holy water has been an accepted part of our lives for centuries. I would like to add some wisdom to the subject about what it is we are really talking about. Holywater is used in blessing people, places and christenings and in other religions in ceremonies. We all make the assumption that this is a good thing because it is called Holy water, we blindly follow without questioning.

We know that water holds memory. It will hold as all flower essence makers know the electromagnetic vibrations  of a flower, a thought , a place, a crystal, music in fact anything you wish to think of including the vibrational frequency of the maker. All energy has an electromagnetic vibration. Everything is energy.

The church has long created Holy water through the blessing of water. So if we lookat this in depth, the water will hold the blessing, the frequencies of the person doing the blessing, the place where the water is created.

The water itself has to have come from a source which is not contaminated in thefirst place. This actually is not possible. Where ever the water has run itwill have picked up frequencies which may be favourable or not.

The blessing which is an energetic process, we know from our work with the knowledge of the Unfolding Enlightenment may well have energetic blocks and etheric devices within it.

The person doing the blessing has to be true of heart and have honesty and integrity and have no violent or sexual perversions, mental instabilities, and dire inner child issues because all of these frequencies will end up in the Holy water

The place where it has been made also has to be clear of ancient magical frequencies, geopathic stresses, violence and discarnate energies that areattracted to the place.

People tend to collect Holy Water from ancient sites whether they are places wheresaints were born or died, Stonehenge, pyramids from all over the world, shrinesfrom all religions, places of superstition and many others.

An assumption has been made that when you visit these sites the energies that youfeel are good. Many people are sensitive today and can pick up the feelings of the energy of a place, they cannot always interpret them.  This is because the frequencies will be verycomplex and a grand mixture of what went on there.

The frequencies of a site will be the history and the intentions for what the site was created for and by who made it. The history will include the geopathic stresses of the site, ancient magic from aeons ago before man walked this earthdeep in the ground, deaths of some  those who built the site possibly, if slave labour was used , there will be much anger ,fear, pain and resentment in the fabric of the site, violence,  human and animal sacrifice, modern magics. Again resident and visiting discarnate beings of varying frequencies of will also impregnate the site

Some people believe that many ancient sites are used by visiting star people, maywell be portals, be of great import with highly desirable frequencies that will enhance their spiritual growth. Sadly people flock to this idea without giving thought as to whether they are ready for such frequencies and whether they will do them any good. The grass is not always greener, and you would not feed a new baby on steak and French fries. This is the equivalent when imbibing frequencies that are not compatible

It can be seen from this that Holy water from ancient sites may not be a good thing to use as a healing modality or a spiritual aide. In fact it is highly questionable as to its uses for good at all.

[Bottled spring water that we drink regularly again we cannot be sure is of good frequency, but certainly it will be better than tap water that has additives as well as the fact it is recycled. The frequencies of this can be demonstrated in the work of Masaru Emoto.

When we imbibe less than harmonious frequencies from Holy water, it will lower ourown frequencies, if we are already in a lowered state through depression,grief, fear or anger these unwelcome frequencies from the Holy water will reinforce us in a negative fashion. There power is not be underestimated.  The frequencies that you imbibe will stay withyou forever unless you actively seek to remove them, they become an integral part of your own frequencies that are held in the water of your body and yoursubtle bodies your energetic aura. Especially if they have devices andenergetic blocks attached.

We are all trying to heal ourselves, raise our frequencies and enlighten oursselves. I suggest the use of Holy Water is not the wayto go. I also suggest you make a decision as to whether you still believe it is Holy.

About the author:

Robina hearle is the co founder of The Unfolding Enlightenment process.

Website: http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com

Author: Robina Hearle
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