Nine Home Remedy Tips for Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Acid-reflux and Indigestion

If you, or someone you know, has to deal with dyspepsia, heartburn, acid-reflux or indigestion, you will know just how painful and embarrassing it can be.

Frequent distressing complications for sufferers are: painful stomach cramps, wind, bloating, bowel problems, or alternatively, diarrhoea.

These can lead to sleep problems and disturbed nights. A less frequently considered concern is that if you need to keep paying for over-the-counter remedies, it's costly. Prevention is better than cure and luckily there are plenty of straightforward preventative measures you can take to reduce or get rid of your suffering.

First, a little warning - it's crucial to be certain you are actually suffering from indigestion before you attempt to "self-treat". The symptoms of indigestion can be remarkably similar to those you may encounter with heart disease. If your symptoms occur unexpectedly (i.e. with no real reason) or if you suffer from frequent episodes, it's important to visit your GP for a full exam to ensure he/she can rule out the possibility of heart problems.

It's commonly thought that indigestion and acid-reflux are solely caused by inappropriate food selections. There are other factors at play and you could easily be aggravating your problems without realising it. For instance, to reduce the risk of acid indigestion stay clear of the following:

1) Eating within three hours of going to bed-- give your meal chance to digest

2) Do not lie down during the day if you are bothered by heartburn.

3) Being overweight can worsen the problem

4) Wearing clothes that is too tight round the waist will restrict the digestive processes

5) Tobacco smoking is a health-risk all of its own

6) Never eat large meals-- little and often is best so that the digestive processes aren't overworked

7) Avoid getting constipated and straining during bowel movements. Be careful of over-the-counter remedies that specify constipation as a side-effect. Check the labels, but never modify a course of medication prescribed by your physician

8) Do not use digestive enzyme supplements containing hydrochloric acid (HCl)

9) Avoid heavy lifting and bending. Your stomach needs at least a couple of hours to empty itself before physical effort. If the exertion involves bending, avoid abdominal pressure by bending from your knees, not your waist. This is also good habit for your back.

While I have suggested some actions you can take to prevent acid reflux, indigestion and IBS, there is no question that a healthy eating plan is at the foundation of long-term relief, and there are plenty of simple dietary changes you can make to stop indigestion fast, yet without sacrificing the pleasure of your food. There is a free report with more advice on my website below.

About the author:

Joy Healey is a qualified nutritionist. Visit her website for free information on indigestion relief. This includes a 4-day eating plan, delicious recipes the whole family will love, and free daily tips to relieve digestive disorders

Author: Joy Healey
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