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Most people suffering with a medical condition or habitual problems, such as drinking, smoking and gambling have considered Hypnotherapy at some point in their lives, Despite this fact, only a few of these people actually seek this form of therapy. This is due to a number of reasons, fear and scepticism being the most obvious.

Many people are afraid of entering an altered state of consciousness and losing control of what they do or say, others do not believe that the state of hypnosis exists or that it can help them. As well as this, money is a big issue with an average of 4 - 6 sessions required for a course of treatment, at between £25 - £75 a session, the price can soon mount up. Unreliability is also an issue with only 20% of the population able to gain a deep state of hypnosis, there is no guarantee that you will achieve any benefit from your treatment. These are just a few of the reasons why people are rejecting Hypnotherapy in favour of other complementary therapies, Acupuncture, Reflexology and Aromatherapy being the most popular.

One UK therapist, Dr Martyn P Williams has been heavily involved in research into complementary therapies, after realising the public’s concerns with what was on offer. With the National Health Service stretched to it’s limits it became of vital importance to find a therapy that was safe, reliable and effective, yet was not surrounded by any mysticism or mumbo jumbo which goes with most complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) today. As a result of extensive research and scientific study into the subject Dr Williams has developed a therapy which answers all the public’s concerns regarding CAM therapies and can now offer Clinical Sophrology.

Sophrology is the scientific study of relaxation, it has been practised extensively in Europe, South America and Japan in recent years, it’s main finding is that almost all illnesses can be relieved to some extent by relaxing body and mind, and reducing the stress and anxiety that surrounds the condition. Dr Williams has added some of his own findings and developed Clinical Sophrology.

Clinical Sophrology involves a therapy session in which the patient is taught how to obtain a deep level of relaxation for both body and mind. As well as dealing with their specific problem the patient will be equipped with an ability to relax to a deep level which will stay with them forever. Most conditions can be effectively treated within 2 sessions, 3 at the most, this being a major advantage over most therapies. Any habitual problems can usually be sorted out in the first session although two sessions are recommended for boosting the patient’s willpower. This is a very effective form of therapy because 100% of the population have the ability to relax, as opposed to the 20% of the population who are hypnotisable.

Clinical Sophrology is possibly the biggest breakthrough in the field of complementary medicine and is fast becoming recognised by the medical profession as a very real complement to conventional medicine. It has so many uses in areas such as pain relief, allergies, phobias and fertility as well as pregnancy and childbirth. ‘The Natural Childbirth Program’ which uses Clinical Sophrology to train the mother-to-be self relaxation techniques has so far achieved 66 pain-free pregnancies and births in the UK, with three more babies due this year. Dr Williams will continue with his dedication to research and development. He believes that people who can’t afford expensive therapies should be able to gain relief from their problems and have therefore halved the prices of therapy for the foreseeable future. As well as helping a lot more people, this will aid research and develop Clinical Sophrology into the ultimate therapy.

Dr Williams has now based the internationally recognised 'Serene Clinics' on the Isle of Wight and will also offer talks to health professionals along with relaxation classes as an when required.

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Author: Dr. Martyn P. Williams
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