Healing with Light - Merging Science with the Metaphysical

When we talk about light in the context of healing, what do we mean? Many of us have heard the the term "light workers" but we don't mean that these people erect street lamps. And we may talk about humans having "light bodies" but we can't physically see any light radiating out from each other.
Light seems to be one of those things that one can define very differently. It can be seen as a prime building block of the universe, somewhere between the dense physical and the spiritual, or it can be seen as simple light rays emanating from a source and expanding in a linear fashion.

In science light therapy has a long but disrupted history. The old Greeks practices Heliotherapy as a form of healing and long before that even, ancient cultures all over the world gave the sun a special place in their religions. In those early days there were no biochemical explanations as we know them today. The healing power of light was simply experienced and experimented with. But in the 1800s light therapy went mainstream with the invention of very early artificial sunlight devices for therapeutic purposes. Niels Ryberg Finsen, who is seen as the father of phototherapy, received the Nobel Prize in 1903 for his work on using light in medicine and he was followed by Swiss doctor Auguste Rollier. Both had headline-grabbing successes and in its peak, Rollier had over 1000 beds in 36 high-altitude clinics in the Swiss Alps. It seemed healing with light was set to revolutionise medicine. But from around the 1930s, a different kind of revolution happened. Financed by US billionaire J D Rockefeller, the pharmaceutical industry took off and pushed everything else into the background. Already then, it was a matter of where the money was and Rockefeller saw the potential of making lots of it. His influence pushed naturopathic methods into the shadows for decades and they have only recently re-emerged due to popular demand.

Modern ways of light healing in medicine initially focused around use of lasers, following their invention in the 1950s. Lasers are a special kind of light that is coherent. The Hungarian physicist Endre Mester is credited with being the father of laser medicine. He started experimenting with using low power lasers on skin cancer in 1967 and thus started an era of research that has become known as LLLT or Low Level Laser Therapy. Since then, thousands of studies have been published on the subject and thanks to the work done by researchers such as Tiina Karu, we now know some of the biochemical effects that lasers have on a cellular level and which lead to a healing effect. What's more, there are no known side-effects for LLLT. The main mechanism thought to be responsible for the healing power of LLLT is the increased ATP synthesis in cells. ATP is a molecule used in all cells as energy source. When energy is available it is used to combine ADP and phosphate to form ATP and when energy is needed, this is broken down again. With LLLT, creating ATP is made easier for the body through the laser excitation effect on the atoms that bind together and consequently more energy is available to the cells to regenerate.

Light and Colours
Alongside laser therapy, there are many other exciting areas of light therapy. Optometrist, for example, use coloured light shone into the eye in order to achieve healing effects. These can be related to treating vision impairments, but they can also be psychological in nature. Having met some of the leading optometrist around, I can say that they are doing exceptional work and with great success too. Here again we have an effective and side-effect free treatment form simply using the power of light and colours (a colour is light of a specific frequency within the visible spectrum).

But what about our light bodies then? Are we talking about a different kind of light here? First of all I'd like to say that we do actually emit light and so do all living things. German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp proved that we emit biophotons and these can be made visible through devices which can amplify a single photon to such a degree, that it becomes visible on a screen. Light is light. There is no "scientific light" vs "metaphysical light". The only difference lies in what mainstream science can currently research and prove vs the knowledge about light which has been handed down through ancient traditions. And even this difference is fading.

Ancient Traditions and Quantum Physics
From chinese medicine to Ayurveda, from Kabbalah to the Toltec Teachings and the Mystery Schools, all tell us that we are fundamentally beings of light. Underlying the physical, emotional and mental bodies, we are comprised of an energy/light system that gives the rest of our bodies life. Through techniques such as acupuncture we work directly with the energy body and thereby influence the entire human being. Our physical and not-so-physical bodies are entirely interdependent and interrelated and it is therefore possible to affect change on the entire being by influencing any one of its components. We can work on an energetic level or we can undergo physical therapy and both will have some effect in one way or another. The reason is because once again there is no real separation here. Any separation is merely appearance. Everything is made of energy or vibration, and vibration is information. Our emotions and thoughts are vibrations. Light is vibration. Our cells are made up of molecules which are combinations of atoms. Atoms consist of sub-atomic particles of ever decreasing size until we once again end up with vibration. That's why matter is sometimes called "clustered energy" by men and women of knowledge. Even the space in between all these "particles" is full of energy vibrations and therefore full of information. Quantum physics calls this "sea of light" the Zero Point Field, a subtle background energy field that seems to provide the canvas on which the manifested universe is drawn. But because of quantum principles such as non-locality, physics and esoteric have now met. Non-locality means that two particles can affect each other over distance without any recognisable connection. However, everything influences and is influenced by the Zero Point Field. And the Zero Point Field holds an imprint of everything that ever happened anywhere. In esoteric circles there is a name for this: the Akasha records. Because let's not forget that vibration is information because a vibration represents a form of order.

Information Medicine
In order to be more palatable to scientists, many energy healing devices or methods now use the term information medicine. This area of healing is of course still on the fringes of medical science, thanks to dogmatic prejudices and the financial influence of the pharmaceutical industry. But in the face of quantum physics, it is hard to deny that using vibrational "messages" in medicine is no more hocus pocus than giving someone a pill.

In the 1990s French scientist Jacques Benveniste claimed to have established that it is possible to record the vibrational signature of a molecule and play it back to a biological system, achieving the same response as if the compound was actually present. It was Benveniste who was said to have proved that water can hold a memory of information, as in Homeopathy, but his work was subjected to a witch-hunt and "debunked" in the mainstream medical press. Some have tried to replicate Benveniste's experiments. Some say it worked and others say it didn't. The matter is further complicated by the fact that medicine and biology have not embraced quantum physics. Not that it should be a matter of choice, of course, but mainstream science is rather irrationally picking and choosing what it wants to be true and what it wants to ignore. Quantum physics does not really allow us any excuse for still seeing human bodies as machines, where broken parts can simply be replaced or repaired without affecting other parts of the system. Instead it compels us to use a holistic approach. And this holistic approach includes that the experimenter influences the experiment on a quantum level. You can't get any more interrelated than this. Even scientists are slowly having to admit that life is an interconnected web of relationships. And in this web of life, every thought, emotion, feeling and action has an impact on the whole.


About the author:

Oliver was born in Germany and moved to live in England in 1999. He explored various alternative healing methods and spiritual paths and also alternative news media. Through this he became aware of what was really going on in the world and he wanted to do something to bring about positive change. In 2010 he became RLTÂ?s UK representative and has been using his role to empower people in taking charge of their health and becoming less dependent on the system. Oliver believes that every single one of us can help make the world a better place.

Website: http://www.comra-therapy.co.uk

Author: Oliver Muller
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