Healing and Art

Most visitors to this site will be happy with the idea of complementary therapies being 'healing arts'. We know that good practitioners don't just 'know their stuff' but have a 'feel' for their work. The art of healing is far more than going through the motions (of moving hands, etc). Like other art forms it's about being connected to something more than ourselves: a universal healing energy that has a higher wisdom and inherent creativity to it. A good healer acknowledges that they are but channels for their work . . . in the same way that the best artists admit to be divinely inspired. With this in mind, we can see that healing and art having much in common. This becomes even more clear when we combine the two:

Healing Art (as opposed to the broad spread of 'Healing Arts') involves bringing together healing (such as Reiki) with some phsyical art form. This could be drawing, painting, print-making, collage, writing a poem, dancing, singing or making music in any way, shape or form! A typical session might thus take the form of a healing or guided mediation followed by an opportunity to draw or paint. This can really assist the healing process in many ways:

- it allows us to release emotions and blocks directly. We can often express our feelings far easier on paper than by trying to describe how we feel in works . . . and more effectively.

- the healing or meditation connects us into our inner/higher self and thus triggers our intuition to release clues and facts about our current condition. What we draw (or paint or dance) can often illustrate contributing factors - like something our parents said or did to us many years ago, for example.

- the combination triggers our creativity . . . and helps us to get a better balance between our rational mind and creative/intuive mind.

- we get a chance to express the sensation of connectedness directly, to really feel and portray the healing experience. This helps us to assimilate the process and to consciously accept the psychic and spiritual dimensions of healing . . . and of ourselves.

So, whether we've an artists block to be removed or we need help in releasing 'stuff' for our healing, Healing Art gives us more than even one of the healing arts!

Keith Beasley and artist partner Liz Allen offer 'Healing Art' workshops and consultations at their base on the South Downs, see www.pintados.co.uk or contact workshops@pintados.co.uk

Author: Keith Beasley
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