IBS And Digestive Problems

There are quite a lot of people out there with IBS or digestive problems. Some people are intolerant to wheat which can bring on symptoms of stomach cramps, bloating, excess wind etc.

Wheat free products have been shown to help people with these problems. Sainsburys now have a wheat free section and they also in some branches sell wheat free pizza and bread too! A good wheat free bread is by the actor Terence Stamp, he suffered from problems with IBS & wheat and as he did not like rye bread particularly, he decided to do his own brand!

Health food shops sell Spelt Bread which is wheat free and very nice! They also do spelt Spaghetti too. If your local shop does not stock any spelt products ask them to order some in, they are usually happy to oblige!

The subject of Antibiotics, for someone who has taken a lot of Antibiotics in the childhood or as an adult this can cause problems. Antibiotics may kill off the bad bacteria but also the good leaving your immune system weakened. Try taking Acidophilus tablets "Friendly bacteria" this is what we want and need in our gastrointestinal tracks. This will replace the good flora back into your system, which is very important. If you have to take antibiotics ( I now avoid them like the plague!) but if you do remember to take acidophilus tablets along side, so you immune system is not compromised.

Did you know 80% of the population are allergic or intollerant to milk?? Milk contains at least 25 proteins that can trigger allergic responses such as sinusitis, asthma, eczema and fatigue. It's high in the protein casein, the molecules of which are too large for humans to digest, and many adults lack the necessary enzyme to effectively break down the lactose sugars in milk. This can cause bloating, dirrhoes and constipation. For people with a weak digestive functions, milk and dairy foods can cause headaches, irritability, cramps and cancers. Some people wake up feeling like they have a cold coming, congested or feel full of catarrh. Try cutting out dairy from your diet for 3 months and see if these symptoms improve, most people are surprised how much of a difference it can make. Try adding a Soya, Rice or Goats Milk alternative which are all very good for you and great alternatives.

Eczema sufferers have reported their symptoms seem to calm down when diary is eliminated from their diet. Also for those of you who suffer from eczema on your body be careful what you use to wash and shower in. Many shower gels and soap contain harmful petrochemicals. If you opt for a natural chemical free shower gel, good ones are a shower gel/wash by Liz Earle naturally active ingredients or L'Occitane shower cream and soaps with Shea milk. Both of these you can order direct from QVC the shopping tv channel Tel: 0800 50 40 30 .

For those of you who suffer from Eczema on your face or Acne Liz Earle products are excellent and really help calm and often clear these problems totally after only a few weeks or months use. She does a full range and the cleanser, toner and moisturiser are fantastic and well worth a try. Even if you do not have problem skin her whole beauty range has won awards and is excellent with high quality and high percentage active ingredients included and very reasonable prices.

Hair products are also something to be careful with if you suffer from eczema on your body. Shampoo with petrochemicals in (which is most of the high street brands I am afraid) these once they leave your scalp and go over the body can aggravate problem skin. Aveda do 100% natural plant aroma organically grow herbs and petrochemical free products. They have some fantastic products which not only are very good for your hair and skin they smell wonderful too. Great for Psoriasis (cleared mine up!) excellent for healthy scalps and hair too. You can get these products from House Of Fraser (Bluewater shopping centre) QVC or Aveda shops in London and Brighton. Changing your shampoo can really help with any skin problems on the body.

Tesco do a great "cheese alternative" (their own brand) which I have been told tastes like cheddar for those of you who the thought of no cheese is upsetting! Some people like the taste of goats cheese (not something I like personally!) alternatively try sheeps cheese which I get from Sainsburys, or Terence Stamp does his own diary free cheese which is nice. Also buffalo Mozzarella is also lactose free and very nice!

Soya Products Provamel do a good soya milk and they also do Yoghurts, all dairy free. If you are not fond of Soya try Rice milk both of these you can use in cooking as well as for your drinks and cereal etc.

Pure - diary free spread with soya, lactose free and free from genetically modified ingredients, free from hydrogenated oils, artificial oils, artificial flavourings, artificial colourings and preservatives and free from Gluten. Vegetarian and Vegan, low in salt, low in saturates and high in Polyunsaturates. With Vitamins A, E, D as D2 and B12, good for spread, to cook or to bake with.

90% of headaches are diagnosed as tension headaches caused by a number of different factors; stress, alcohol, atmosphere, lighting, sitting at a computer for long periods of time etc. New research findings show that 47% of us suffer from a headache at least once a month, and 4% daily. I don't like to take over the counter pain relief every time my head hurts because I dislike taking tablets and we don't always have them to hand, so people hurry to the shops and then wait for an hour or so until they take effect. Dydration, lack of water can also cause headaches...Drink more water!!

That is why a recent launch was so exciting. "4head" is a new product that could revolutionise the way you and the rest of the UK treats a headache. "4head" is applied directly onto your forehead by gently gliding the dispenser (a small easy to carry stick) across - this is non-greasy and invisible. It leaves a tingly cool sensation on your face and your headache disappears within 15 minutes. Containing the active ingredient levomenthol, "4head" avoids the side-effects associated with oral analgesics, brings fast, effective relief, is suitable for all age groups - and is 100% natural.

"4head" is now available in major shops like Boots and Sainsbury's costing £5.95 and providing well over 100 applications, that's less than 5p per application.

Chronic fatigue can be caused by many things and very often it is Candida. Often it is caused by sugar problems-too much sweet food in the diet. If you crave sweet food and suffer fatigue it may be a lack of glucose to the brain.
If Candida is a problem then you are likely to have recurrent fungal infections such as thrush, athletes foot or other fungal patches on the skin. Also a foggy feeling in the head or difficulty in concentrating or a feeling of being disconnected can all be signs of Candida.

Chinese Tiao He (meaning ‘bring about harmony’) Cleanse is a very effective herbal cleansing program which helps clear the body and promote better health. The Chinese Tiao He Cleanse combines Chinese and Western herbs known to absorb toxins from the bowel, improve elimination, expel parasites and worms, detoxify the kidneys and liver, purify the blood and cleanse the entire body of cellular wastes.

The Chinese Tiao He Cleanse is highly recommended for anyone beginning a herbal supplement program, before starting a fast or weight management regime or just a maintenance ‘spring cleaning’.

Chinese Tiao He Cleanse is beneficial for acne, allergies, body odour, constipation, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, bloating, bad breath, headaches/migraines, hemorrhoids, skin conditions, inflammatory problems including arthritis, menstrual problems and weight gain.

The Chinese Tiao He Cleanse comes in 30 convenient packets, each containing

1 x Black Walnut Hulls capsule:

Black Walnut has antifungal and astringent properties. The active constituents in black walnut are responsible for the herb’s anti-parasitic and worm-killing effects. It has been used to expel a variety of intestinal parasites, worms, ringworm (fungal) and yeast.

1 x Burdock Root capsule:

Burdock is one of the primary detoxifying agents in both Chinese and Western herbalism. Burdock is especially useful for treating conditions related to chronic toxicity, as it stimulates elimination of wastes via the colon, kidneys and skin. It is also an excellent blood purifier and stimulates mucosal fluids while reducing toxins in the body. Burdock is a good source of viscous fibre, helping to absorb toxins from both the digestive and intestinal tracts. Burdock is also used to lower bowel transit time and balance intestinal flora. Research shows burdock also exhibits antibacterial and antifungal activity.

1 x LBS II capsule:

LBS II is an intestinal stimulant or lower bowel cleansing formula. It encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, aids the manufacture of digestive enzymes and fluids, particularly bile (fat digestion). It also reduces abdominal cramping.

1 x LIV-C capsule:

LIV-C is a Chinese herbal combination which helps cleanse the liver and renew healthy liver function. On an emotional level, LIV-C helps reduce anger, depression, fatigue, nervous tension, irritability and pent-up emotions. It promotes peristaltic action and elimination, relaxes muscle cramps and induces perspiration to cleanse toxins from the body.

1x Psyllium Hulls capsule:

Psyllium Hulls contain a high percentage of natural bulk fibre and act as a natural laxative. Psyllium swells in water to 8-14 times its dry volume and acts like a colon ‘broom’ cleansing the intestines and absorbing toxins that tend to adhere to the intestinal walls. Psyllium absorbs toxins produced by the overgrowth of yeast (candida) which many people are sensitive to.

1 x Special Formula capsule:

Special Formula is a unique combination designed to detoxify the body and strengthen the eliminative functions of the colon, kidneys and liver. Special Formula contains herbs which provide antiseptic, diuretic, laxative and muscle relaxing effects while also stimulating the immune system and the production of digestive fluids and enzymes. It also cleanse the glands and dissolves and inhibits the growth of foreign masses such as cysts and tumours.

Suggested dosage:

1 sachet - day one 2 sachets - day two 2-3 sachets everyday until all sachets are finished
Take every sachet (15 minutes approximately) before meals with 2 large glasses of water
Aim to avoid bread, alcohol, tea and coffee, chocolate & sugar, red meat and dairy
Aim to increase vegetables and fresh fruit, brown rice, white meat, fish and water

NOTE: Healing symptoms of headaches, cramping, bad breath etc may be experienced – these are only temporary and are an indication that the cleanse is working and excessive wastes are being eliminated. Feelings of increased energy and alertness, an improved sense of health and wellbeing should follow.

Why is the Chinese Cleanse so good?

  • Cleanses the bloodstream
  • Cleanses the lymph
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Cleanses the small and large bowel
  • Purifies the kidneys
  • Cleanses the skin, helps with groggy feelings and feelings of a fuzzy head

Contra Indications: Pregnancy (and lactating), high fever, acute abdominal pain and children

What is in the Chinese Cleanse?

Black Walnut
For killing off parasites and worms and yeasts

Burdock Root
Blood purifier, detox agent, stimulates the elimination of wastes, source of fibre to eliminate waste and toxins and promote 'good' bacteria

Cleanses the liver and bile which removes wastes

Promotes 'good' bacteria and cleanses and stimulates digestive fluids

Who is the Chinese Cleanse good for?

Respiratory congestion, mucous, acne, allergies, headaches, constipation ,cellulite, swollen abdomen, overweight, PMS, water retention, low energy, IBS, eczema, sugar cravings, constant hunger.

Eczema and Psoriasis symptoms can be made worse by excess sugar which can be found in your foods and drinks. Alcohol reduction is advised which will help and check ingredients carefully if sugar shows up as one of the first 3 ingredients it is best to avoid that food or drink altogether! The lower down on the list sugar is the better. Most breakfast cereals contain lots and lots of sugar so be very careful. Fruit concentrate also should be avoided-high in sugar, try fresh fruit juicing at home or something like a natural product i.e. innocent smoothies are better natural pure fruit juice with no added sugar.

Avoid fruit with a high sugar content sometimes people have problems if they eat these on a regular basis - Melon, grapes, and oranges. Also people with excess mucus have sometimes found a big improvement when sugar was lowered from their diet. Even cutting down on oranges can really help!

Why do we need supplements?? Even if we have a good diet eating organic fruit and vegetables we still need to supplement...why? 50 years ago if you ate a portion of spinach if would give you your daily allowance of iron.

Now because our soils are so depleted of vital nutrients we would have to eat 60 times that amount to get our daily allowance! This is why supplementation is so very important!

There are some wonderful Natural products which can help with many health problems. So many drugs the doctor can give you can have harmful side effects considering a natural alternative is often a better and popular option. Taking Multi-Vitamin and minerals and the antioxidant on a daily basis is suggested along side your chosen product for better results.

Multi-Vitamins - We are all aware now that we do not get what we need from our food. Even if we have a good diet, each organic fruit and vegetables our soils are depleted from vital nutrients and also everyday stress and pollutants effect our immune systems.

We need to take a good high grade multi-Vitamin and mineral. Super Supplemental Vit and Mins, Just two a day gives you everything you need without any more trips to the health food shop for individual items which can end up costing you more. Excellent for our immune systems.

Antioxidants - Can come in a protein nutritional drink mix either original or chocolate flavours with herbal food concentrate, vitamins and minerals. Just one scoop a day with water. It is Dairy free, Wheat free, Yeast and Gluten free. Fantastic for skin, hair and nails. Also this helps to maintain your sugar levels, helps to stop sugar cravings too. This is recommended as an ongoing product with your Multi-Vitamins.

This powder mixed with water (and tastes lovely, comes in chocolate flavour!) contains broccoli, carrot, red beet, rosemary, tomato, turmeric, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, grapefruit and orange bioflavonoids and hesperidin. Each of these food items contains beneficial antioxidant substances. Antioxidants help to stop 'free radical' damage. Free radicals are charged particles produced by chemical pollution and normal body processes. They are unstable and can set off a chain reaction of cellular damage. This is why it is so important to get enough antioxidants in your diet.

I hope all this information has been of interest

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Author: Sue Bailey
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