Regression Therapy - How it helps Soul Healing

Regression Therapy - How it helps Soul Healing

Regression Therapy has a holistic view that the mind, body and spirit have a fundamental interconnectedness. Unhelpful thoughts create negative emotions that over time can create unexplainable pain and physical illness.

Healing involves reconnection with the root cause of the problem and allowing the client to understand the issues associated with the problem before they are resolved at both physical, emotional and a spiritual levels.

Sometimes the root cause is a traumatic experience below the level of conscious awareness and has been affecting the client's well being. These forgotten experiences may contain emotional wounds that are constantly triggered causing emotions to flare for no obvious reason. Client experiences may go back into early childhood and prenatal experiences. It may involve clearing a range of energy problems including what appear to be spirit attachments. Any client experience is treated in an accepting and authentic way.

Various psychotherapies may be used in the regression process such as hypnosis, gestalt, psychodrama, body therapy, together with various transpersonal and energy techniques. (1) Past Life Regression Therapy Past Life regression shares many of the views of regression therapy but allows the timeline to be extended into past lives that are thought to be the original source of the clients problem. History of Past Life and Regression Therapy As early as the 1950's J. L. Moreno saw regression as an opportunity for the client to gain new insights and to transform them in his group therapy that was successfully used in clinical outpatient groups and the mental health organizations in the United States. Early pioneers and authors in past life and regression therapy include American Dr Morris Netherton, Dutchman Dr Hans TenDam, Englishmen Dr Roger Woolger and Andy Tomlinson.

Regression therapy has been taken into the traditional medical world. This includes the work of Professor Mario Simoes in the Facility of Medicine in Portugal and Terumi Okuyama M.D. the first medical doctor in Japan to integrate regression therapy as part of medical treatment in Japan. Dr. Peter Mack uses regression therapy in a Singapore hospital for physical conditions unresponsive to traditional medicine. (8)(9) Application of Past Life and Regression Therapy Regression therapy has provided swift and effective release of deep emotional blockages, states of anxiety, depression, phobias, unexplainable chronic pain and persistent symptoms of childhood sexual abuse and post traumatic stress disorder (5).

Research has found that client problems previously thought to be non responsive to psychotherapy can be resolved with regression therapy. Ron Van der Maesen (7) worked with fifty-four people who had disturbed voices from a non-detectable source (auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia as defined in DSM-1V) of which eighty per cent where being treated treatment by a psychiatrist or by a psychiatric outpatient clinic. The research was supervised by the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and six month after therapy an external psychiatrist, found that the disturbing voices had disappeared in 25%, and a further 32% could now cope. Research by Helen Wambach (6) used the results of a survey of 26 therapists who had worked with a total of 17,350 clients using regression. Of these 63 per cent had an improvement in their emotional and physical symptoms, and 40 per cent an improvement in their interpersonal relationships.

Associations of Regression Therapy include the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA) an international association of therapists that promotes regression therapy and the spiritual nature of their work. Website:, and the EARTh Association of Regression Therapy (EARTh) an organization for regression therapists that sets standards for regression therapy and promotes the work to the public. Website;

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About the Author:

Andy Tomlinson is a qualified psychotherapist and past life explorer, and also the director of training for the 'Past Life Regression Academy'. He is the author of the books, Healing the Eternal Soul and Exploring the Eternal Soul that covers his personal research working with past lives and the soul memories between lives. He is also the editor of Transforming the Eternal Soul a new book explaining the different ways regression helps people overcome personal problems.


Author: Andy Tomlinson
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