Polarity Therapy


What is it?

Polarity Therapy was developed by an Austrian osteopath, chiropractor and naturopath, Randolf Stone and is another therapy that embraces both Oriental philosophies and Western therapies. He studied Ayurveda and acupuncture with particular interest in the flow of the 'life force' in the body and combined this knowledge with his Western training, to develop the basic theory of Polarity Therapy that health depends on the uninterrupted flow of energy in the body between two polar opposites.

Stone's theory of energy flow is based on the whole body as a vibrational energy field, with the spinal column as the central and neutral aspect of the body, the head and the right side of the body representing the positive electrical pole, and the feet and the left side of the body representing the negative electrical pole. The theory is similar to the Yin Yang theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chakra system of Ayurvedic Medicine. The clockwise flow between the positive and negative aspects of the electromagnetic field must be in balance and flow freely to maintain health. The spinal column has five neutral energy centres of ether, air, fire, water and earth and each of these areas corresponds to body functions and areas

Polarity Therapy treatment begins with a detailed consultation and case history details being taken. The client lies on a treatment couch, in underwear or light clothing and the therapist uses manipulation techniques and applies pressure to points on the body. Three levels of touch are used, light, medium and deep, to stimulate the neutral, positive and negative fields. Many Polarity Therapists are also qualified in counselling, as clients may be encouraged to talk through any emotional problems they are experiencing, which may be one of the reasons affecting the energy flow in the body.

Length of treatment may vary, but one session per week for around eight weeks, with occasional follow up treatments to maintain health may be suggested. Dietary advice may also be suggested as the types of food and the ability to digest may also cause blockages to the energy fields. Polarity yoga exercises may also be given to the client for home use to aid toxin removal and improve muscle tone.

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