When your body speaks, do you listen?

When your body speaks, do you listen?

During my years of client work using massage and somatic release, I was always encouraging people to get back into their body and resist the habit of escaping into their head; the body can neither heal nor unite from the head alone.  The current energetic shift is now forcing us to do this; we have no choice.  We are all in the same energetic boat, and yet many still feel at odds with themselves or simply at a loss to describe what it is they are feeling or know why.  So let us look deeper.

This transition is bringing a gradual shift away from using logic and reasoning alone to navigate our life, and instead, we are being pushed to be in our body full time so that we may FEEL.  Feeling is the most reliable way to know what fits our own vibration, and what we can trust, after all, we are vibrational beings.

All the wisdom we need is in our body so it is important to

      be able to listen and TRUST in order to access it.

One way to start doing that more consciously is to observe the signals from the body.  It gives us messages all of the time, but we tend to notice them only when visual stimuli is absent, like when we are lying in bed in the dark, and then we assume they are more of an irritation instead of asking "what's the message?"

These signals might be random twinges in the body that signify a blocked meridian.  Pressing the exact spot where you felt the pain can potentially disperse the blockage if held for 1-2 minutes.  One way the body conveys a problem of the lymphatic kind is through persistent itching; next time you encounter this, try a therapeutic type of scratch (deeper than the surface, more of a rub) and watch the situation resolve; again, its another form of blockage. 

Whatever way the body gets your attention, it is up to you to respect that mode of communication enough to respond to it immediately.  By doing so, you resolve the issue at its first outing, and prevent it from escalating into something worse.

By using the guidance of your feelings and intuition, you take the first step to becoming your own practitioner.   Accepting that a continual process of monitoring and responding is part of your learning journey, you will start to enjoy a brand new relationship with your body, including an inbuilt feedback loop of trust.  So give it a go, and don't forget to add a dash of regular exercise for good measure! 

Author: Angela Delglyn
Website: https://angeladelglyn.com
Copyright © 2022 Angela Delglyn. All rights reserved

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