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â??Whoever makes all cares into a single care, the care for simply being present, will be relieved of all cares by that Presence, which is the creative power.â?

Kabir Heminski

In my opinion, one of the important goals for the spiritual seeker in this lifetime to get ourselves to a place in our lives where everything is possible and there is nothing to be afraid of i.e. a space where there is no doubt and we can take full responsibility for our own actions and truly create our own reality.

Fear, and the accompanying limiting beliefs, is rife in society. We buy into those fears and beliefs as soon as we sign on the dotted line to incarnate into this human form, start unwittingly embracing them as we birth into childhood and then adulthood, and then if we get lucky and have a Eureka moment, spend the rest of our life trying to dismantle and disempower them all and the hold they have over us, so that we can be free. Interesting journey, huh?

Early current life events (perhaps traumatic or equally seemingly innocent ones) register easily within the consciousness of a child as we absorb many things in our environment like a sponge during the initial years of our lives. As a result, we develop many internal belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we observe in the world around us and from the people in it.

Unfortunately, the unconscious part of our mind that creates our internal belief systems and programmes often does not judge whether the incoming information is right or wrong and so it is possible that any given thing that we experience, whether good, bad or indifferent becomes a part of our belief or value system and stays there. And so we continue as adults with these programmes functioning in our consciousness and governing our lives in some ways, that we do not always entirely understand.

Of course, not all of those so-called monkeys on our backs come from the current incarnation. Sometimes they are simply triggered by events or people (of both) in the current and they actually originate in what we call past lives. In the same way that core events in the current life affect our behaviours, belief systems et al, so do the significant events and unfinished business from past lives. And what is unfinished at the end of those particular lives also remains, ticking away in the unconscious mind again when we reincarnate and starts affecting our everyday current life behaviours in some way. Symptoms that have been traced back to past lives are many and varied but of course include the emotional, physical, mental, relationship and energetic arenas and every aspect of the human experience.   

Sometimes our symptoms or dysfunctional patterns are caused by what we call spirit attachments, or more simply energies that do not belong to us. In these instances an energy that is not our own, is attached within our energy fields and affect us in the emotional, physical, mental, relationship and energetic arenas. These energies can attach under different circumstances however we are more susceptible if; we are unwell, highly emotional, have been in an accident or had a shock, been under anaesthesia or heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There is a common sense to this in everyday life, as we have all experienced occasions when we have felt other peopleâ??s emotions â?? whether they are joyful ones or less joyful ones; most of us have stood close to someone on public transport and noticed sensations from others that are not our own and have made us feel uncomfortable or anxious in some way. An external attachment is an â??exaggeratedâ? version of this, where that energy â??stays aroundâ? in our aura.

As strange as this may sound to some, this particular part of energy work is becoming increasingly recognised as a reality and it is something that the parts of the medical profession are beginning to pay more and more attention to. A relief of symptoms after the energy has been released is often described the client as a feeling of liberation, or remembering their old self.

There are other things that may affect us in this incarnation such as soul fragmentation, cording, frozen body memories and more that cause us to lose our power and may prevent us from being fully in our power in the present moment. Suffice to say, that all of these things briefly mentioned above (and more), are what could be called dis-eases or imbalances of the Soul. The story or journey of our Soul is one that dictates who we are in the current life as much as our choices do on an everyday basis.

We live in an age where the health systems of many countries are starting to creak and groan under the pressures that they have been put under, and the lack of finance and resources they have been provided with, and whilst that is in many ways quite scandalous, it is also quite interesting. As a consequence, many more individuals, and many more mental and physical health professionals are starting to investigate complementary or holistic forms of therapy and thus return to what is an age old concept i.e. that the source of many forms of dis-ease is rooted in our spiritual essence, in our Soul. When we engage in the journey of the Soul, then we can start to achieve closure for parts of our story, we can reframe old perceptions that no longer serve, dismantle old limiting belief systems and we can take responsibility for all or our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and all parts of our energetic system so that we can start to take back our power and truly live.

This is neither fresh news, nor is it rocket science; however it is as important as it has always been to make this information as widely known as it can be. The time is now for more and more people to awaken to their spiritual reality, to talk about it and/or work with it and live it. Using the internet and social media to share these concepts allows more and more people to have a choice and take control back for themselves of their own lives; choices are what govern the path of all of our lives and it is important to share to as many people as possible.    

The Journey of the Soul is one that can come into a personâ??s awareness as easily as the story of the last few days can be remembered, and it can also be easily healed and transformed whenever necessary and when it is for the Highest Good of the individual involved. There are many wonderful ways of doing this. Personally, I am an advocate of Regression Therapy as it deals with so many aspects of the Journey of the Soul and offers many ways in individuals can be guided and assisted to help them take back their power for themselves, and that last part is very important. The story of the victim is one that needs to be put behind us, and thus the time of having things done to us is also behind us; the journey of the human experience is to empower ourselves. All permanent healing work is essentially self-healing at its core essence.

I am truly blessed to see a great many individuals, groups and students who come to Regression Therapy and receive quite remarkable healings. Effusive thank yous are regularly received by myself and RT colleagues and are unnecessary to elaborate on. After all we are merely helping an individual to do the work for themselves. One recent comment is worth very briefly mentioning because it is typical of the feedback. Some colleagues and I did some work in South Africa with a young boy (using a proxy or surrogate) who had been diagnosed with ADD and was suffering in a few aspects of his young life. We spent a little more than an hour doing some very effective work; and his mother remarked a short time afterwards that the changes in her son are simply phenomenal. Such is the power of the work.

Regression Therapy is spreading across the world as an amazingly powerful healing modality; I work with the Regression Academy ( which runs Regression training in the UK, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Singapore, India, Australia and South Africa. It is a high quality training programme that will be spreading to many more countries in the next few years too. It may be your journey to get involved with this work and that could be for personal reasons or for professional reasons, or perhaps you have a friend, colleague or family member who in need of the power to help themselves. There is always someone so please spread the word. . .

When we truly connect with the energy of the Soul, life is no longer about rolling over or being a victim in some way or another; it is about being connected with an energy so powerful and vibrant that it nurtures and sustains every cell of our being in a new way. In fact it becomes our being . . . and in that place everything is possible and there is nothing to be afraid of . . . it is remarkable healing.

Always with love

Doug x

About the author:
Doug Buckingham is a Regression Therapist, and is a Trainer for the Regression Academy, and currently runs Hypnosis Training in the UK, Hypnosis/Regression/Life between Lives Training in the South Africa, and Hypnosis/Regression Training in Mexico.  

Author: Doug Buckingham
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