Staying healthy during summer

You may be noticing that you have more energy at the moment- what a difference the sun makes to our lives!

In Chinese medicine terms summer is associated with the element of Fire, and the emotion of Joy, which is linked not surprisingly to the heart meridian.

How we feel during summer is largely determined by our body experiences  the element of Fire.

There are people who run around on hot days with plenty of energy to spare.  Often, these people have high energy, are charismatic and communicative as well as optimistic and alert.  They are playful, enjoy intimacy, and quickly connect with others. They are Fire-type people. 

Others constantly complain about the heat, and spend the summer months feeling lethargic.  They may be, distant and easily overwhelmed by too many people or too much noise.  They may have an imbalance in their â??Fire Elementâ??.  They may want to encourage your spontaneity and connection with others.

Try and stay active during summer.  Summer is a good time to pay attention to heart health. Exercise keeps blood and oxygen circulating so that proper nutrients can make their way to the rest of your body.  Fire types should be cautious about overdoing it with exercise, especially on very hot days or at signs of excessive sweating or face flushing.

Nurturing connections during summer not only makes the season more fun but it also helps ease the transition into fall and winter, when we tend to pull inward and spend more time alone â?? so a good time to be sociable.  Fire is the element of joy so bring laughter into your life

Chinese medicine does not encourage the consumption of â??cold foods.  This time of year cooler foods like cucumber or melon are encouraged.

Maintaining balance between the Fire and Water element is also so being physically near water can help. 

It is natural to sleep fewer hours when daylight hours are longer so it is also important to develop a regular sleeping pattern at this time.


Kay Scott is a Creative Kinesiologist and Zero Balancing practitioner based in Dartmouth, Devon

Author: Kay Scott
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