Thai Foot Massage


What is it?

Thai Foot Massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet that involves hands on stretching and massage to â??openâ? Sen (energy) Lines, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. Thai Foot Massage stimulates these points to promote general health and well-being.

A Treatment in Thai Foot Massage will usually last for one hour and the therapist may spend the last 10 minutes massaging the hands and sometimes the shoulders too.

Thailand has evolved as a centre for massage, partly due to geographical location and partly to the peoplesâ?? predisposition towards massage, with traditional techniques from India and China diverging in Thailand to give us Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Foot Massage.

Thai Foot Massage takes itâ??s origins from China where the art has been practiced for over 5000 years, and Thai Foot Massage, as seen everywhere in Thailand today, has developed from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean foot masseuses.

Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Foot Massage compliment each other beautifully. Thai Massage balances the elements of the mind and body, while Thai Foot Massage stimulates the internal organs, giving the receiver an holistic treatment.

The benefits of a Thai Foot Massage:

  •     Improved circulation and toxin removal.
  •     Stimulated lymphatic drainage and immune system boost.
  •     Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility.
  •     Accelerated physical healing
  •     Stress relief
  •     Improved sleep
  •     Clarity of mind

Article submitted by Simon Gall of The London School of Thai Massage (LSTM)

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