Seichem/Seichim/Sekhem - What is it?

This system of healing was introduced in the early 1980's, by an American called Patrick Zeigler. Zeigler had experience in the field of energetic healing which he further developed after a visit to the pyramids - the system became Seichim. Students of Zeigler have since gone on to develop the system further and it can be found under the headings of Seichem, Sekhem and SKHM. The aim of all forms is to connect with an energetic Source, and to then use this energy to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. A Seichim practitioner's aim is to heal and help a client to stimulate their own personal development to reach a true purpose.

Sekham was introduced by Helen Belot, who studied Seichim in Australia. It is said to work on a different vibration level to Seichim.

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