Holographic Repatterning


What is it?

Holographic repatterning is based on the principle of resonance. Founder Chloe Faith Wordsworth worked as a complementary healer for 30 years, she studied and practiced different types of healing but found that what worked for one person did not necessarily work for another. She synthesized her training and experience in complementary therapies with her knowledge of psychology and physics to come up with the concept of HR. Chloe compares a human being to a hologram - a holographic plate can accommodate millions of images; one only has to change the angle of the light to see a different picture. She describes HR as 'a method to identify and transform non-coherent frequencies that cause us to resonate with life depleting patterns that are preventing us from resonating with life-enhancing patterns.'

The HR practitioner believes that no matter how a problem manifests itself it could be physical pain or emotional disfunction, the underlying issue has to be identified and shifted. This is commonly referred to as an energy block - HR practitioners see themselves as facilitators to rid us of these blocks. In HR, a pattern is identified through discussion and a technique learned from kinesiology - a method of taping into body intelligence developed by an American chiropractor called muscle checking. The principle is biofeedback, meaning that the body and mind respond at a purely unconscious level.

What to expect

A session can last up to two hours, and there is no way of saying how many sessions it takes to release limiting thought processes - for some a one off is all it will take, whilst for others a few sessions are required. The client is required to lie prone on a mat or bed and is asked to relax, once the client gives the practitioner permission to work on them an energy transaction will begin. The practitioner tunes into and accesses information through a muscle check, using the client's arm as an indicator in the process. The belief in HR is that various 'healing modalities' like movement, sound, colour and other energetic objects (such as crystals) can be applied to effect an improvement in the clients condition. The HR practitioner believes that the therapy can help with chronic poor health, unhappy relationships, failure, low confidence, depression and other life-depleting responses by allowing the client to identify and transform patterns that have held them in limitation and pain, it enables the client to find out which self-healing modalities would work best for them.

Holographic Repatterning can be used as a treatment on its own, or to support other healing systems. It can be done as a self-help treatment, practiced on family and friends, or studied in order to attain professional certified status.

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