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The Origins of Seiki

Seiki was developed by Akinobu Kishi, a Japanese Shiatsu Master. He was taught by his father, completing his studies with the likes of Namikoshi and Masunaga. Aged 29, Kishi became ill - Shiatsu wasn't enough, so he developed his own method of healing called Seiki - big changes occurred.

The literal translation of Seiki is 'treatment of life energy.' Originating in Shinto, inspired at times by Daoist, Zen and other great teaching traditions, Kishi's method encompasses all of this and more, looking always beyond to the very roots of our own condition.

Seiki Soho - Treatment

Seiki Soho means guidance/empathy. Everyday pressures can often manifest themselves into physical and emotional problems, distortions of life energy, indicating the body's innate willingness to seek balance. Through trusting the body it shows us how to regain balance. By using guidance and sensitivity of touch, this can be achieved.

Internal resonance (life energy or Ki) can be felt and enhanced by following a pattern of movement within the body, allowing space and time to release stagnant energy, bringing with it the potential to attain a deep sense of health and well-being. The movement we feel is the healing that we need.

The practitioner doesn't 'treat' the client, he only acts as a 'mirror' so the client can recognise how to heal 'self.'

Seiki - A Summary

Discipline and commitment are needed to become our 'real selves.' Only through continuous awareness and clearing can we develop the sensitivity necessary to feel the movement behind a physical discomfort, behind a pain or emotion, in order to release the full creative and joyful potential of our original personality and power.

Seiki has a unique approach to life and healing. It has to be experienced to be understood. It brings forth a reawakening of trust, the space to let go, the realisation that our problems are our chance, the opportunity to accept every situation as it comes (flexibility).

Seiki is a very pure method of healing self, without any compromises.

Seiki is all about 'being in the moment' - treating the whole being, with no expectations.

Seiki is performed through clothing, at floor level.

Because Seiki works from the inside out, to a certain extent, it can help all types of ailments. At times, the level of an ailment will reflect what is experienced, during and/or after a treatment. But if 'basic trust' is applied, Seiki can be the easiest, simplest thing in the world - with it comes great insight.

Article written by John Bourne

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