Biochemic Tissue Salts


What is it?

In the 19C Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler identified twelve minerals that he believed to be vital to human health. Schussler was a German doctor of medicine, who was also a biochemist and homeopath.

Biochemic Tissue Salts are these twelve minerals in homeopathically prepared formulations, which are highly diluted. The salts are taken in the form of small tablets, dissolved under the tongue. Common symptoms treated with the salts include colds, catarrh, coughs, hay fever, headaches, indigestion and minor skin conditions.

Homeopaths, naturopaths and herbalists will often recommend tissue salts as part of a nutritional programme, but they are also frequently used as a self-help measure. Many health shops and some chemists, especially homeopathic pharmacies, stock the salts, and manufacturers usually provide dosage information.

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