How to Prevent Yourself from Picking up Unwanted Energies from Your Clients

Have you ever felt drained after giving healing, listening to someone's problems or just being with someone? These are all signs of picking up unwanted energies. 
The aura is our natural protective barrier on an energetic level. The aura is made up of layers of energy that surround the physical body. The aura contains the chakra system and the acupuncture meridians that feed the physical body with life giving energy, chi or prana.
The aura provides a natural layer of protection and acts in a way similar to the Earth's atmosphere. The Earth's protective shield cuts out the harmful radiation from the sun. The task of our aura is to protect us from incoming energies that could potentially upset our equilibrium.
The aura emanates from the physical body for a distance of a few feet and reflects the health and level of consciousness of a person. It is important that we learn to strengthen our aura and protect ourselves from negative energies.  
The strength of our protection is dependent upon a number of factors.  Some people's energy fields are strong and robust, whilst others are much more sensitive and open.  Our energy body can be weakened by ill health, emotional traumas and addictions (drugs, alcohol, food etc).  The depletion of energy within the aura can be an early sign of physical illness.
If our energetic field is weak other people can severely drain our energy even if we are speaking to them over the phone. It is important to incorporate some form of psychic protection into our everyday life, to bring additional strength to our energy field.
Many people believe that if they are working 'in love and light' nothing can harm them. Unfortunately this is not true, we can pick up negative energies from places and people just by being there. When we clear negative energies from a client in a healing session we don't want to take them away with us in our energy field!
Psychic attacks upon us can also be made by people or by discarnate entities. Just as we may attract the attention of guides and angels as we follow our spiritual path, so we may also attract the attention of less desirable beings. Those who rush into giving healing without proper guidance are especially at risk. 
At its most basic psychic protection is about keeping healthy. People with a strong constitution are much less likely to pick up any negative energy. If our aura is kept strong and resilient any negative energy will bounce off. If we take regular exercise, eat a healthy diet, get enough rest and relaxation, avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs this will keep us well at every level.
To keep our energy field in balance we need to limit the time we spend in close proximity to electromagnetic fields. We also need to cut down the amount of time we spend on the computer. To keep ourselves in balance we need to avoid watching TV in the bedroom and avoid leaving electrical equipment on in the bedroom when we are asleep. Even on standby these energies can weaken our energy field. 
If we are in a crowd or travelling on public transport we need to strengthen our energy field using the techniques listed in this article so that we don't pick up negative energies. If we work with people as a healer, then we need to build psychic protection into our daily routine.
Light Workers
Some people are light workers. They have chosen to radiate positive energy in the area they live. Many light workers are not conscious that they are performing this role for their community. They raise the vibration of their local area by radiating a high frequency of energy.
Unfortunately these people become a target for discarnate souls that are trapped in the lower astral planes. These souls are seeking release from these dark worlds and are attracted like moths to the light generated by a light worker.
Many light workers become overloaded with these negative energies and become very ill. Most light workers need to find someone who can clear their energy field on a regular basis. You may come across these people in your practice. They can often be people doing very mundane jobs in society.
Increased Sensitivity
When we start developing ourselves as a healer or therapist one of the problems we have to confront is the consequential increase in sensitivity to all energies. It is like turning up the volume on your radio so that you can pick up distant signals. 
We are constantly transmitting and receiving energies from around us, these energies include emotions, thoughts and spiritual vibrations. These energies may be from our environment; from people we meet, from books, television, films and the radio. We need to be very discerning about the sort of people we socialise with and the type of programmes we watch on TV.
Some films and TV programmes have a very low vibration. If the programme is uplifting or educational it will generally have a high vibration. Each person we meet will effect us differently; this depends on their energetic vibration.
In a healing session we need to maintain a high vibration, this will help the people we work with to come up to our level of vibration. If we are depleted when giving healing we may end up at our client's level of vibration. 
Some people who have chronic illnesses like cancer or ME can be energy vampires.
People with these conditions will tend to drain even the most balanced healer. We need to clear and re-energise ourselves after seeing people with chronic illnesses.
When we give healing we create an energetic connection with our client. At the end of a healing session we need to rebalance our energies. With many healers this re-balancing takes place naturally, but if it does not take place we can end up absorbing our clients energies.
If we give healing to another person our auric field connects with our client's. When the healing session is over we need to disconnect our energy from our client. We can see the two auric fields as two bubbles of energy that merge when we give healing.
At the end of the healing we can visualise the one bubble of energy becoming two bubbles again. We can place a bubble of energy around our client then disconnect our energy from them and place a bubble of energy around ourselves.
Doing chi gong, yoga, walking, running or chanting will boost our energy. We need to re-balance our energy as quickly as possible after giving healing. If we have absorbed negative energies from a client the longer they stay in our energy field the harder they will be to clear.
If we haven't cleared these energies after a few days we may need to go to another healer to get ourselves cleared. The best way to clear another person is to smudge them with white sage and then rattle around their subtle bodies clearing each subtle body in turn. I teach this method of clearing on my Shamanic Healing courses.
Signs and Symptoms That You Have Picked Up Negative Energies After Giving Healing
  • Feeling down or angry with no apparent cause
  • Suddenly feeling really tired after giving healing
  • Having odd thoughts that don't feel like your thoughts
  • Aches and pains in your body that start after giving healing
  • Suddenly feeling cold after giving healing
  • Craving sugar after giving healing
  • Bad dreams
If you feel that you have picked up negative energies don't panic! Keep calm and try one of the exercises in this article. If these exercises don't clear you then contact an experienced healer.
The range of different methods of psychic protection is enormous. Some people get worried that, in protecting themselves, they will be cutting off their natural sensitivity. This will not happen, unless you choose it to. Your psychic protection will adjust itself naturally so that you will still be able to 'pick up' what is important, but will not be overwhelmed by an influx of disturbing energy.
With practice your sensitivity can be switched on and off when you require it. When you are working with a client it is useful to be able to tune into them but if you are on the bus to work you don't want to tune into the person sitting next to you!
If you are too psychically open you will rapidly become overwhelmed with all these incoming energies.
How to Stay Healthy
Here are some ways to protect yourself from unwanted energies.
Positive Thinking - Keep your thinking positive, negative thinkers are generally less healthy and can't repel challenges to their energy systems as effectively, whether it is a cold virus or a negative thought form.
Connect With Nature - A walk by the sea invigorates mind, body and soul. Being by running water is also very healing. Hilltops are usually healthy places to go, aim for somewhere with clean air, where the breeze can blow through your aura. In a city it is good to go to a park, natural energies, particularly from trees can energise your aura. When the sun shines go outside and feel the sun's rays topping your batteries up!
Grounding - Stay grounded. Visualise roots growing deep down into the earth from the soles of your feet. Being 'well grounded' offers a great deal of protection. Practice your grounding visualisation every morning and whenever you feel 'spacey'. Carry hematite or another grounding crystal with you.
Staying grounded is the key. When there is too much is going on in your life you are more likely to pick up negative energies. 
You can ground yourself by sending a silver cord from your base chakra into the earth and follow it until it stops. Then breathe earth energy up into yourself through the cord and then release all negative energies into the earth. The earth then transforms this energy into positive energy. All the elements have this transformative power.
Bubble - Visualise a bubble around yourself, protecting the outer edge of your aura with a strong, flexible membrane. Your bubble can be filled with any colour that you choose, or it can be rainbow hued. Experiment to see which colour protects you best. 
Make sure that your bubble goes all around you, behind your back and under your feet. Use your intention to state that your bubble repels all negativity, but will allow positive energies to flow into it. Put your bubble in place whenever you feel the need for protection.
Cloak or Shield - You can use a hooded, full-length cloak or a shield decorated with a protective design of your choice for protection. You can use a 'mini shield' over any area that you feel is vulnerable, such as your solar plexus.
Crystals - Several crystals have strong grounding and protective qualities. Black tourmaline, black obsidian, smoky quartz, hematite, apache tear, tiger's eye, and mica help to ground and clear negative energies. You can carry these crystals with you.
Symbols - Carry a symbol of protection such as a cross, a pentacle or a Star of David. A paper representation will do, but a piece of jewellery is probably more powerful.
Angels - Ask the angels for protection and invite them into your treatment room. Call on Archangel Michael for protection. You can ask Archangel Michael to use his sword to cut energetic chords, hooks, ties and any negativity that may have attached to you during a treatment.
White Light - Surround yourself in White Light before commencing any healing work, and call upon the Archangel Raphael, who is the Healing Angel. After the healing session visualise a shower of light running through your aura dissolving any negativity.
Mirror - If you feel someone 'has it in for you' visualise a mirror in front of you sending any negative thoughts back to them. This won't harm them if they are sending you positive thoughts.
EFT - EFT Chakra Clearing. Magnus Stapping gives a demonstration on youtube -
Tingsha's - Cleanse your therapy room before and after a treatment using the Tingsha's (Tibetan Cymbals) leaving a window open to allow negative energy to leave. Ask that any negative energy be dispersed in a way that will cause no harm to anyone or anything.
Pyramid - Imagine a pyramid around you and place mirrors on the outside of it. Intend that no vibration lower than yours shall enter your field. Intend that you stay in a high vibration. Intend that energies lower than yours will be mirrored back, with love, to the other person.
Prayers - Use protection prayers and mantras with your daily clearing and cleansing. 
Here are some prayers and mantras that you may wish to use -
The 'Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra' is considered to be a great healing mantra. This mantra is included on my CD 'Sanskrit Mantra Workshop'.
The Tara mantra is also a wonderful protective mantra 'Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha'.
Goddess Prayer - "I am protected by your might, O Gracious Goddess day and night!"
Protection Prayer - "This circle of protection moves with me, it goes where I go,
it bends where I bend, it protects me on all sides, from all things seen and unseen,
so mote it be".
Protective Amulets and Bracelets ' In India and Tibet people wear protective amulets and bracelets. These have precious stones in them or sacred mantras inscribed on them. The 'Om Namaha Shivaya' and Tara mantras are both good protective mantras. Protective amulets are also used in Jewish mysticism. If you wish to order a protective bracelet the details are at the end of this article.
How to Clear Yourself 
Smudging ' Smudging is a Native American practice that uses herbs that are burnt and waved through the aura to cleanse the energy field.
The Sage we use for smudging is not the sage you find in your garden. Grey Sage or Desert Sage (Artemesia Tridentata) is the most common type of Sage used for ceremonial purposes and purification. Sweet smelling White Sage (Salvia Apiana) has become more popular recently with healers and is my favourite! 
Lavender works well when added to Sage. Cedar can also be used for clearing. Sweetgrass is a long stemmed grass that is braided and used after Sage has expelled negative influences to usher in positive energy.
The nicest way to use Sage is to put loose Sage in an abalone shell. This is then lighted and wafted around the space or the person being smudged, traditionally with a large feather. It is best to smudge yourself outside. If you are smudging inside open all the windows before you smudge yourself. Open all the windows and smudge your treatment room and all your healing tools after your client has gone.
Sage can also be used tied into bundles called smudge sticks. This provides a natural twiggy handle. The leafy end is set alight and then blown out so that it smoulders releasing the sacred smoke. If using a smudge stick make sure you have a container of sand to stub the stick out after use. Never leave it unattended!
Sacred Sage - Sacred Sage is a spray that has a very pleasant odour. It can be used where it is not possible to use traditional burning sage; i.e. when there is a smoke alarm in the room.
Cold Water - If you have made physical contact with your client in the treatment putting your hands under cold running water helps to clear unwanted energy. You can also put your hands in a bowl of salt water after giving healing to clear unwanted energies.
Shower - When you shower visualise the water flowing through your energy field carrying away any negativity down the plughole. 
Salt Water Bath - Take a salt-water bath two to three times a week. You can add one or two cupfuls of sea or rock salt to the water and dissolve it well. Salt water removes unwanted energies from the body and energy field. Do this before going to bed as it will make you very relaxed. You can add bath oils to the water as the salt will dry out your skin.
Salt Water Bowl ' In Pranic Healing practitioners place a bowl of salty water under the treatment couch before they give a treatment. When the client has gone this water is tipped away removing any energy released by the client.
Epsom Salts - An epsom salt bath at the end of the day has a great cleansing effect. A certain amount of magnesium in Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin. A study conducted by Rosemary Waring at the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham in 2004 measured the magnesium level of participants before and after taking baths containing dissolved Epsom salt. From the results, researchers concluded that prolonged soaking in an Epsom salt bath raises magnesium levels without any adverse effects. 
The ideal concentration for using Epsom salt baths is approximately 500 g, or 2 cups, of Epsom salt dissolved in a standard-sized bathtub. The ideal amount of time spent soaking is 12 minutes two to three times per week.
Essential Oils - Put a drop of essential oil in the palm of your hand, then rub your hands together and pass them through your aura. Some good oils to use are eucalyptus, juniper, frankincense, lavender, clary sage or cedar. 
Essences - You can use Aura Soma products in a similar way. There are many psychic protection formulas available or you can make your own essence. You can also use a gem or flower essence to cleanse your energy field. Healing Orchid 'Defend and Protect Essence' is good for clearing negative energies.
Tuning Forks ' Biosonic Angel Tuner tuning forks can be used to clear unwanted energies. 
Sandalwood - You can burn sandalwood incense to clear unwanted energies.
Cutting Cords ' When you give healing you create an energetic link with your client. Visualise cutting this energetic cord at your solar plexus after they have left. Before you go to sleep, visualise cutting any cords that connect you to people you have interacted with in the day. Using your dominant hand, make a karate chop motion with the intention of severing all unwanted energetic connections. 
This technique is explained in the book 'Cutting the Ties That Bind' by Phyllis Crystal.
OM - Chant OM while visualising waves of brilliant violet light pouring into your Crown Chakra and flushing out all unwanted energies through your body and out of your feet into the earth.
Self Diagnosis
If you keep picking up negative energies from a client you may be dealing with similar issues to them which you need to address.
If you are picking up negative energies on a regular basis you need to take a good look at your diet, lifestyle and way of working. It is likely that your aura needs to be strengthened. Judy Hall's book on psychic protection is an excellent source of information.
If you are persistently troubled by psychic protection issues you need to consult an experienced healer.
The surface of the Earth resonates with natural, subtle energies. Recent scientific research is showing why people feel significantly better when they connect with the energy of the earth. Grounding refers to walking barefoot outside, standing, sitting or sleeping on the ground as humans have done since the beginning of mankind. 
Grounding immediately equalises the body to the same energy level as the Earth. This synchronises our internal biological clocks, hormonal cycles, and physiological rhythms. Grounding fills the body with negatively charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth.
When we are grounded we sleep better, have less pain and stress and recover from trauma more quickly. To ground yourself you need to stand, sit or walk barefoot on the earth for 30 minutes a day. You can use an earthing mat if you are working on a computer or an earthing sheet on your bed. There are even earthing flip-flops that you can buy!
For more information on grounding and earthing products please see the links at the end of this article.
Being Ungrounded
The main cause of picking up negative energies is being ungrounded. When we are energetically connected to the earth there is a natural flow of energy through our feet into the earth. When we sit still, drive, think or when we work on a computer energy builds up around our head. This can cause us to become disconnected from the earth.
When we move our body and walk around the energy that has built up around our head is released from the body.
The feet are like the negative pole of a battery. When we walk on the earth the body re-balances itself. This works best when we walk on grass, rock or sand in bare feet. Walking in the city on pavements is not so effective.
The reason why we are ungrounded is generally because we have build up of negative emotions in our body that we have not dealt with.
The reason we are ungrounded is that it is painful to feel these emotions so we disconnect from our body. Eventually part of our spirit detaches itself from our body. This is a very common occurrence when people grow up in violent or dysfunctional households. In Shamanism this is called 'soul loss'. For more information about soul loss read Sandra Ingerman's book 'Soul Retrieval'.
Another way that we block out painful emotions is by using alcohol, smoking, drugs, eating or watching TV. All these activities stop us from being present in our body. Only when we are fully present in our body can we deal with the difficult emotions and issues that we are running away from. This is the basis of Vipassana meditation that was taught by the Buddha.
There are lots of ways to heal these painful emotions. I work with a number of different healing approaches; these include 'Soul Retrieval,' the 'Healing of Emotion' and 'Sound Healing'. I have also written a book 'Reclaiming Your Sacred Spirit' which takes the reader on a healing journey through the chakras, to regain their vital energy.
Signs of Being Ungrounded
  • Your house and your life is cluttered
  • Difficulty in motivating yourself to do things
  • You often bump into things causing bruising
  • You are always running late
  • You have lots of great ideas that never come to fruition
  • You bank account is always in the red
  • You plan things but they don't happen
  • Your car breaks down regularly
  • You leave things to the last minute
  • You can't seem to focus on one thing at a time
  • Being uncoordinated or feeling spacey
Don't believe everything you hear on the psychic airways! You need to use the Law of Challenge when communicating with guides or angels. If you are communicating with a spirit guide challenge them three times by saying "In the name of Lord Jesus Christ I challenge you, do you come from the Light? If the guide is genuine then their light will get brighter. If they are a low-level spirit they will disappear.
What Creates Negative Energy?
Parents, teachers and the media often project a fear-based reality onto us when we are young. When we take on other people's ideas, beliefs and judgements we give them energy. 
We all hold limiting belief patterns, negative thoughts and unresolved emotions in our body and our energy field. These negative thoughts and emotions create blockages in our energy flow that eventually lead to physical illness and disease. 
We also have karmic imbalances that are the result of unresolved emotions and attachments from past lives. These are held in the subtle bodies and become activated when we reach a certain age. In Tibetan Buddhism past karma is said to create knots in the subtle energy channels that run through the body.
In essence all life is energy at different rates of vibration. One person's negative energy may be someone else's positive energy, just as my choice in music will be different to yours.
Most illness is a message from our body telling us to take time to look within and focus on healing ourselves. If we listen to our body and our inner wisdom and make the necessary changes then we can transform something that appears to be negative into something positive. As a healer we need to help our clients to see that illness is not always a negative thing.
In our modern world we are constantly bombarded with pollution in our environment. This may take the form of electromagnetic energy from pylons, mobile phones, computers or chemical contaminants in our air, household products, food or water. All these put a great pressure on our body and energy field. Many people become overloaded with environmental pollution. 
Environmental pollution will effect our subtle energy field as well as our body. Most people need to have their energy field cleared and re-balanced on a regular basis. This can be done with most complementary therapies.
There are also discarnate entities that can attach themselves to people. People who have died may become earth bound spirits. This is particularly the case if people have had a violent or sudden death. This also common when people die having no spiritual beliefs. They are not prepared for the fact that after death they live on in an astral body.
When people who are alcoholics or drug addicts die they still have the craving for alcohol or drugs but they can't satisfy this craving in the lower astral world that they now inhabit. They will attach themselves to living people who are alcoholics or drug addicts so they can continue to get the experience of their favourite drink or drug.
If people die with strong feelings of vengeance towards another person or family they may try to psychically attack these people after they have died. 
People who have died often have strong feelings of attachment to loved ones and hang around them after death trying to stay in contact with them. If we are still grieving the loss of a loved one many years after they have died this can cause the person's spirit to become attached to us.
There are many different types of astral energies that take up residence in our energy field. They are like tenants in a house some take care of the house while others trash it. If we are very negative in our thoughts, if we indulge in alcohol and drugs, if we watch violent movies we will attract these negative astral entities into our energy field. Once these entities have taken up residence in our energy field they can be hard to remove.
As healers we need to be aware of all these different types of negative energy. We need to be able to help our clients and support them in maintaining healthy habits and lifestyles.
Psychic Protection Exercises
1. Rose Exercise
Visualise a large rose flower at your heart chakra. This acts a boundary marker, indicating that it is your energy on one side, and the other person's energy outside that. Once you've completed a healing visualise the rose that represents your energy and the rose representing your client's energy separating. 
2. Tapping 
Every morning or when needed, tap your Crown Chakra three times. Take three deep breaths. Visualise a brilliant violet ball of light in front of you. See yourself walking into the ball of light and being completely surrounded by it. 
Verbally repeat three times, 'To the Supreme Being and all my invisible helpers, thank you for creating a powerful shield around me, my aura and my chakras. In full faith, so be it!â? Take this ball of light with you wherever you go. 
3. Fiery Cross Exercise
Using a compass work out where the four directions are. Ask the four Archangels to stand round you and form a cross. Each Archangel is associated with a particular direction and element.
Raphael   - Air   - East
Michael - Fire - South
Gabriel - Water - West
Uriel - Earth - North
Face Archangel Michael in the South. Archangel Uriel will be behind you. Archangel Gabriel will be on your left and Archangel Raphael will be on you right. You may wish to write their names down on paper or put pictures of them around you.
Ask the Archangels to clear all negative energies from you, then call on the Christ energy to fill your body from above. Then ground this energy through your feet into the earth.
4. Protective Egg Exercise (time 10 minutes)
  1. Sit undisturbed and relax yourself
  2. Choose a colour to focus on
  3. Close your eyes and imagine a bubble of energy around you.  Fill your bubble with your colour then extend your bubble out to about two feet around you making sure that it is above your head and under your feet.  A helpful image is to visualise your body as the yolk of an egg, with the bubble being the white and the protective layer being the shell.  You can make the shell thicker to increase your protection.
  4. Imagine the bubble expanding and contracting with your breath.
  5. Open your eyes and sense that this protection is still around you.
  6. Practice the same exercise with another colour and see which colour you are most comfortable with.
  7. Once you have found the colour that you are most comfortable with use this colour for your regular protection. Your colour may change from time to time. 
Ideally, a protective exercise should be carried out every day if you are doing out any healing work.  With practice this exercise will soon become automatic and effortless. Protecting yourself in this way does not cut you off from life's experiences, any more than we cut ourselves off from experiencing weather conditions by wearing a raincoat.
5. Cleansing Breath Exercise (time 10 minutes)
This exercise cleanses, strengthens and purifies the aura.  It is very relaxing and provides energetic protection.
From a sitting position, mentally send down an anchoring cord from your body deep into the earth; imagine it reaching the earth's core. Then from a point about a two feet below your feet to a point about two feet above your head, visualise lines of blue light being drawn around you as follows: -
A. on an inbreath, behind the body 
B. on an outbreath, in front of the body 
C. on an inbreath, up the right side 
D. on an outbreath, down the left side
This is one round.  Do seven rounds to create a complete egg shape around your body. When all the lines have been drawn, join them up to form a protective egg of light around you and then visualise a golden thread wrapped around the egg adding extra protection.
Ask that, 'All positive energy be returned to me nowâ?.  Notice how you feel.  Ask that all other energy be returned back to the universe to be recycled ('May all negative energy be returned to the source.â?).  Notice how you feel. Remain in your protective egg for a few minutes.
When giving healing you can rapidly recall your protective egg without having to go through the process above. Practise this regularly, twice a day if possible, morning and evening.
6. Protection Exercise (time 10 minutes)
  1. Find a place where you can sit undisturbed
  2. Choose a colour - white, sky blue or gold.
  3. Close your eyes and visualise a bubble of light, extending to about 2 feet around your body, which is composed of your chosen colour.  Make sure that your bubble is above your head, as well as under your feet.
  4. See the bubble expanding and contracting until you feel that you have found the most comfortable distance.
  5. See the bubble spinning like a top, spinning off any unwanted energy.
  6. Open your eyes and sense this protection is still around you.
  7. When you have tried this out with one colour then try another.
  8. Assess which colour you feel most comfortable with.
With practice you can instantly create your protective bubble in any situation. Practice is important. You can carry out this exercise with your eyes open. Try doing it when you have a few moments to yourself, on the train, or during a coffee break. The more that you do this, the stronger your auric protection will become.
7. The Violet Flame
The Violet Flame is a Divine gift and tool for everyone, given to us by Ascended Master Saint Germain. It is a sacred fire that exists in the Higher Dimensions. The Violet Flame is Spiritual Alchemy in action. Its purpose is to transmute negative emotions, deeds, karma etc. to a higher vibrational frequency. You can use the Violet Flame in perfect harmony with any belief system, religion or practice. It is a tool with absolutely no conditions attached to it.
Bring the Violet Flame into your body. Ask your Higher Self, a Master, Guide or Angel to assist you to do so, or just ask the Violet Flame to "be made manifest". It is helpful to visualise a ball of violet fire above your head. Then ask that ball of violet fire to come into your body and fill your entire body and energy field.
Ask the Violet Flame to transmute everything you wish to be changed or eliminated from your life. 'Please transmute everything into love, prosperity, abundance, peace and happiness. So Be It and So It Is. Thank You God. Amen.�
Holes may be created in your aura where the Violet Flame has consumed the dense energies. It is very important to fill those spaces up with healing energy. Visualise Divine White Light filling your whole body and energy field.
It is suggested that you do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night, or anytime you feel a little overwhelmed or upset. 
Colour and Protection
These colours can be used for protection: -
Gold - is associated with the sun and carries a powerful positive energy that is very transformational. The colour gold will consume any negative energy. Those people who have an outgoing, positive outlook on life will find this energy most appropriate. Use this colour in situations where there is much disturbed energy around you.
White - symbolises purity and vitality. It reflects all colours and therefore has the effect of reflecting back whatever is sent at it. It can be very helpful when negative energies are around you. It is a good colour to use in normal day-to-day circumstances and is often the colour suggested for protection in books. 
Blue - is sometimes referred to as Madonna blue and carries a soothing, feminine energy that neutralises and harmonises. Its link with the Divine Feminine and the quality of spiritual love gives it a wide appeal. It will tend to transform and diffuse energies in a gentle way. 
These three colours are the main colours used for psychic protection but other colours can be used such as pink and violet. Each colour has a different energetic quality. You need to find out by experimentation which colours work best for you.
Symbols and Protection
On a psychic level, symbols help us to access archetypal energies that have been used for thousands of years. Symbols come in four forms -
  1. Of human origin - e.g. a shield.
  2. Animals - e.g. a lion.
  3. Geometric symbols - e.g. a Star of David.
  4. Natural or cosmic symbols - e.g. sun, water.
When working with symbols, you can imagine that they in front, behind, beside, over the top of your head or under your feet or that you are standing within them. There may be occasions where you feel a difficult energy is coming from one particular person. In these cases, you may find that imagining a mirror between you and them is most appropriate. 
The chalice is a symbol of inspiration and can be used whenever you need deep insight. The lotus symbol brings harmony and is excellent for group meetings where confrontations could be destructive.
Animal symbols such as a lion, bear or dog are good guardians and general protectors whenever you feel physically or mentally threatened by something or someone.
Most shamans work with power animals. These powerful energies can be used to protect you when you are in danger or when you are sleeping. For more information on power animals read Sandra Ingerman's book 'Shamanic Journeying'.
Protection can be applied to any person, place or object that may need help. You can place a protective bubble of light around an object or person. You can place a bubble of protection around your car before a journey or your house when you go away.
Does Protection Work?
David Furlong describes the story of a woman who owned a farm in Australia. A bush fire broke out in her area and looked as though it would destroy her home and all her stock. She brought all her animals close to her property and visualised a strong protection around her land. The fire came up to the edge of her land, then split and went around its perimeter before being brought under control. Her land was completely untouched! 
Psychic protection, in conjunction with the energy recharging techniques such as chi gong are good ways of helping us maintain a healthy and fulfilled life. Obviously, other factors such as the food that we eat and our ability to deal with stress are also important. Experience has taught me that those who develop their psychic faculty but neglect protection usually hit problems sooner or later.
Recommended Books
David Furlong - Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers - Atlanta Books 2008
Judy Hall - Psychic Protection - Thorsons 1996
Phyllis Crystal - Cutting the Ties That Bind - Weiser Books 1994
Sandra Ingerman - Soul Retrieval - HarperCollins 2011
Sandra Ingerman - Shamanic Journeying - Sounds True 2004
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Simon has taught sound healing workshops in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, the UK and in the USA. He has appeared on radio or television in Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and in the UK.
He has an extensive background in the healing arts and is a qualified acupuncturist, healer and bodyworker. He has studied with some of the world's leading spiritual teachers and sound healers.
In 1996 Simon brought a group of sound healers together to found the 'UK Sound Healers Association', a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sound healing in the United Kingdom. Simon is one of the leading teachers in the field of sound healing. Over the last fifteen years he has written seven books and produced eight CD's.
Simon has been running workshops for over twenty years. His workshops include 'Free Your Voice', 'The Healing Power of Sound', 'Reclaiming your Sacred Spirit' and 'The Sounds of the Chakras'.
He also runs 'Sound Healing Practitioner Training' and 'Soul Retrieval Practitioner Training' courses. Simon has taught his Sound Healing Practitioner Training course in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Simon also offers individual healing sessions.
Simon is the founder of The College of Sound Healing.


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