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What is it?

The history of the development of feng shui can be traced back for more than five thousand years. Feng shui has grown and adapted with the changing needs, desires and circumstances of humanity from both rural to urban environments.

The science originated in rural China when farmers studied their landscape, seasons, weather and many other factors to try to understand the environment that they lived in. They learned how the rivers changed course and their rates of flow, when the sun was high or low and the quality of its heat and which areas of land were saturated, fertile or parched and why.

Noticing the timing and quality of how the different energies all flowed together was complicated and scientific. It involved learning what the heavens and earth were doing and how the humans could successfully fit into the patterns. Their finely tuned expertise was purely observational, practical and common sense. This knowledge helped them to build their homes in the best positions, facing the most beneficial directions. They grew their crops in locations where they were most likely to have high yields. They survived well in their very harsh environments, building successful communities and prospering. Cities grew where the energies of meandering rivers, deep estuaries, protective mountains and flat lands combined in the most productive ways.

The Imperial rulers of China became interested in feng shui as they realised that it was a powerful science. Men that were skilled in the many styles of feng shui including Ba Chop, Sam Hap, Sam Yuan and Yuen Hom methods became Feng Shui Masters who served their Imperial ruler. These highly skills Masters protected their empire by choosing the best land for the ruler’s palace, the best burial sites for their ancestry and the most opportune times for their ruler to act in order to succeed. This ensured that the ruler continued to reign powerfully and that he kept control and protected his people.

In the modern societies of today the focus it on living and working in crowded, urban environments where the pace of life is quick. How do we know if our environments are beneficial to us or whether we are being exhausted or harmed by their effects?

Form School

The shapes within our environment affect the way chi or lifeforce energy behaves. In analysing the form of your surroundings a skilled feng shui practitioner will be able to apply ancient principles concerning earth dragons and water dragons to interpret the modern urban or rural features of a property. For instance, a road is considered a type of ‘river’ and an aerial view of a neighbourhood can give some interesting insights into the fortunes of its inhabitants. Form accounts for 60% of the influences on a property.

At a micro level, the way chi flows through the interior of a property is also considered part of Form School theory. Good form is always prioritised.

Compass School

A building is like a human body. It has a ‘mouth’ (the door), eyes (windows), heart (often the kitchen) and a spine (the back). It also has a constitutional footprint, which is determined by the Ba Chop method and the relationship between the orientation of the building and the main front door.

The influence of time on a building is likened to it’s ‘acute’ state, and this is where Flying Star comes in. Flying (as in moving over time) Stars are calculated to reveal the cosmic conditions affecting the building during a certain period of time. We are currently in the 8 fate, the cusp of which in Yuen Hom theory began in 1996 and in the Sam Yuan styles began in 1994. Within each year and month further refinements can be made to the calculations.

Geopathic Stress Detection

The assessment of underground waterways, energy courses and grave site selection is part of Yin Feng Shui and there are only a handful of truly skilled practitioners in the world. In certain situations Feng Shui remedies are far more effective once a premises the geopathic stress has been dealt with. Geopathic stress is a disturbance in the natural resonance of the earth’s natural radiation (7.5 – 8 Hz) which causes a resonance in a building which is uncomfortably high for the human being to handle. It can cause insomnia, irritability, fatigue, and in some cases severe illness. Gypsies rarely suffer from cancer, as their nomadic lifestyle means they are never exposed to any harmful radiations coming from the earth.

Many practitioners can dowse for Negative or ‘black’ streams and locate the Positive or ‘white’ streams, in order to advise on placement of beds and desks, so that occupants are not subjected to geopathic stress. Geopathic stress neutralisers can also be purchased.

Space Clearing

Special herbs and resins are burned in a ceremonial and focussed way to cleanse the property of ‘predecessor chi’, stagnant energy and negative atmospheres. This is especially recommended in old homes or premises that have been lying empty or have witnessed divorces or deaths. It is also ideal to space clear a home before you move in.


An often overlooked area of Feng Shui is how an individual’s birthdate relates to the property they inhabit, and how their Ba Zi (Four Pillars) horoscope may be impacting them at the time of their consultation. Knowledge of this very accurate astrology certainly helps a feng shui practitioner to make more informed recommendations to help their client.


When choosing a practitioner, check they carry professional indemnity insurance, and ask where they have trained, with who and for how long. Serious practitioners have spent years in study and yet more time experiencing different properties and landforms. It is preferable not to analyse floorplans by fax, as this gives rise to a most superficial interpretation of a very complex and skilled subject.

Article written by Sarah McAllister
Director - The Feng Shui Agency Limited
Email: sarah@fengshuiagency.com

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