What is It?

Toyohari is a method of acupuncture which was developed in Japan by Kodo Fukushima - a well known blind acupuncturist, who went on to found the Toyohari Association just over 40 years ago. The theory of Toyohari is rooted in the classical texts of acupuncture which are over 2000 years old, the practice however uses innovative new techniques, including the use of needles made of different metals such as silver, gold, copper and zinc. Another development of Toyohari is the technique of "contact needling", where a silver needle or probe is held over the skin without piercing it - this method is totally painless and is used not just for those who are scared of acupuncture, but for most conditions being treated. Today there are over 1000 Toyohari acupuncturists in Japan, and in recent years Stephen Birch and Junko Ida have developed a European training program.

What to expect from a treatment

A Toyohari practitioner will firstly take thorough case notes, the client will then be asked to lie on a treatment couch and the practitioner will gently palpate the abdomen and feel the pulse at the wrist. The practitioner will then set to work to address any underlying imbalances with contact needling over selected points on the body, or stroking the skin with a rounded silver Toyohari instrument called an enshin. A technique called moxibustion may also be used to apply warmth to certain points. Toyohari is not painful, but sensations of warmth or tingling may be felt as points are stimulated. The whole process is very relaxing and a sense of deep calm and well-being may arise. A session will be between half an hour to an hour.

Toyohari is often used as a method for maintaining health, however practitioners have had clinical experience of treating a wide range of illnesses - arthritis, menstrual problems, digestive problems, skin conditions, asthma, muscular-skeletal problems, and pain relief. A Toyohari practitioner will aim to address underlying imbalances as well as the presenting symptom.

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