Amazing Weight Loss Results Using Regression Techniques

If you have tried everything and cannot lose weight then you may have a block or even blocks that are stopping you.  These blocks can come from childhood, past lives or even down the ancestral line.   Many have achieved amazing weight loss results releasing these blocks.

Blocks from childhood can be collected as a child is growing up. These blocks can be as a result of any stressful situation to the child such as a parent's attitude towards the child, parent's arguing/getting divorced, bullying, sibling rivalry etc.  My clients with childhood blocks were not always aware of the situations, when they were children, that created such blocks in their adult life, in fact most of them could not remember the situations.

We have had many experiences over numerous lifetimes so these blocks can also result from past lives where we may have suffered hardship, poverty, trauma or many other problems. These past life events may affect many of our characteristics, and in some cases, deep emotional traumas can cause psychological problems, which cannot be cured with ordinary psychotherapy.  Some of my clients have had numerous past lives with poverty and starvation, which is why they have found it so difficult to loose weight.

Many people have investigated and identified that the memory of inherited traits are passed down from generation to generation. It is always a surprise to my clients that some blocks come from so far back.  Again weight issues are usually related to ancestral poverty but there can be many other reasons.

Regression therapy can release these blocks and bring about a beneficial change.  So what is Regression? It is a technique which will take an individual back to a time when these blocks were formed in their ˜lives'.  It may be in their current life at childhood or later.  It may take them back through time to their previous lives or even back to times of their ancestors.   The information is obtained through relaxation and by accessing normally hidden memories in the subconscious mind where it is all stored.

I have worked with many clients on releasing their blocks and each situation is different. Some clients have even carried blocks from childhood, past lives and ancestral but they all report that releasing these blocks has changed their attitude to food, which has resulted in weight loss.

Some of my client's comments:

Tracy says, I thought I'd update you and let you know that since we last spoke I am now 37lbs lighter!!!! I am now 19lbs away from my target.  I honestly can't thank you enough as the session we had has made a huge difference to my life, not just with the weight loss but also releasing the "demons" that I have carried for so long.

Fiona reported I have a completely different attitude towards food, a disassociation, and am losing weight without thinking about it. 

Denise says I no longer take food with me wherever I go, I am far more relaxed.  She also says I can now breathe properly and don't have a fear of being suffocated.

Now being able to breathe was nothing to do with her weight but regression can help release other blocks, which may be affecting health.  Denise discovered through regression that in a past life she was working in a mine and all the dust and debris had blocked her nose causing breathing difficulties, which was still affecting her in this life.  

Emotional symptoms such as anxiety and even some physical symptoms can be released under regression.  It also can help release unexplained fears and phobias as in the case of one of my clients who had a fear of water. Natalie says On holiday this summer I went swimming with my children in the sea.  I could never go in the water before and now you could not keep me out of it. Her children were delighted that after all these years they could finally enjoy the pleasure of swimming with their Mother.  Natalie had been drowned in a previous life and this fear had been carried with her into this life.

Sue also came to see me with many blocks but the worst was her claustrophobia, which really affected her life.  She discovered that these blocks came from two past lives and was compounded by a situation in her current life.   She had experienced being thrown in a closed pit and left to die, suffocated under falling snow and locked in a cupboard.  Sue says I have released a lot of blocks and fears from my past and present life, I am feeling wonderful and so much calmer.

Recurrent bad dreams or nightmares can also be helped through regression.  Theses dreams/nightmares can occur because something may have been triggered them in your current life and your subconscious is showing you an event from the past.  All my clients that were suffering with sleeplessness because of these dreams/nightmares have reported that they have not had the dreams/nightmares since their regression.  This is because once you have ˜seen' this memory it is released.

So if you really want to lose weight but are struggling or if you have fears/phobias or emotional issues then regression could help you.

About the author:

I am a licensed Practitioner of Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression and I trained with top psychic Anne Jirsch. I have diplomas in Indian Head Massage, Holistic Facials and Tsuboki Hand Massage.I am a Reiki Master Teacher and  I also trained as a healer with the NFSH, The Healing Trust.

I have always been fascinated with the future and what it holds and intrigued by previous lives I may have had.  Having visited various mediums and healers it was never quite enough for me so I decided I would train to practice Regression and Progression to help me and others on their journey. It is such a wonderful positive experience.


Author: Lynn Raeside
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