Norris Technique


What is the Norris Technique?

Patricia Norris has developed a technique to improving body alignment. A former classically trained dancer, she first became interested in developing the method whilst working with doctors in a convalescent hospital teaching remedial movement to physically disabled children. Ms Norris then went on to study many other methods of body alignment such as Pilates, yoga and the Alexander Technique, before developing her own method. It took her 25 years to perfect the Norris Technique, which concentrates on aligning the feet, knees, pelvis, shoulders and head.

The Norris Technique is not simply an exercise programme. It is a pre-conditioning through which all physical activity becomes body-benefiting exercise. Because some rewards are obvious immediately (neck and back pains are relieved, breathing becomes deeper and easier, release from stress is self-managed) there is from the beginning a strong incentive to whole-hearted commitment. People want to continue to use the technique by habit and reflex once it has been learned.

The technique is easy to learn, and requires no special equipment, it can also be learnt by people of all ages. Whilst focusing on standing correctly, an alignment for a balanced sitting position is also taught. The Norris Technique is generally taught in seminars with groups of no more than 20, however, some one-to-one teaching is available.

Therapy description courtesy of The Norris Technique of Body Alignment


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