Homeopathy for the Outdoors

Did you know it is Homeopathic Awareness Week 14th-21st June and the emphasis is on Holiday Health. That goes quite well with this monthâ??s theme. If you are lucky you might find homeopaths in your local health food shop with a stand giving out leaflets.

No 1 remedy as usual has to be Arnica. You need to carry this with you wherever you go. This is the remedy for shock and bruising if someone has a bad fall. Never use the cream for an open wound as it might cause an irritation.

Insect bites and stings â?? if it is an animal which punctures and the place where the bite has occurred is cold to touch and relieved with a cold pack Ledum is your remedy. There is often a bluish tinge to the skin. It is No 1 remedy for Ticks to reduce the possibility of Lymes disease

If a bite or bee sting causes puffy, tender swelling that is pink or red and hot to the touch, Apis may be helpful. The area stings and burns, and cold applications bring relief. This remedy is also useful for anaphylactic shock on the way to the hospital if no Epipen is available.

Cantharis  may be indicated if a bite or sting results in intensely burning, scalding pain. The area of inflammation is red, and blisters may develop. This is the remedy to keep in the house for burns

HyperCal cream is another first aid remedy that should be in every household and is used to heal the skin and stop pain from nerve endings from a cut or abrasion.

Reddish blotches that burn and itch intensely (like a nettle sting) after insect bites may be relieved with Urtica Urens. It is also the remedy for hives  and allergic reactions on the skin that sting and itch

Lastly a good one to know is the plantain leaf which grows all over the place. Squash it up well or chew it in the mouth and then apply and rub on the bite and low an behold instant relief. Works well on bite from flying things in the garden!!

About the author:

Rochelle Marsden set up Southport Homeopathic Practice in !999. She is also an EFT (Advanced) Practitioner.

Author: Rochelle Marsden
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