The Journey


What is it?

The Journey is a gentle yet powerful guided healing process. It's far reaching effectiveness and popularity is making The Journey one of the most potent forces for positive change in the UK and elsewhere. It is releasing all kinds of limitations and producing lasting benefits in situations as diverse as schools and hospices, relationships and business ventures.

There are two main reasons for the Journey's remarkable effectiveness. The first is that it uncovers the specific memories and unresolved emotions from the past that have become bound in the physical tissues of our body and are restricting us in our current lives. These physiological blocks don't just affect our health. They can also affect other areas, such as emotions, finances, work, relationships, creativity etc.

Sometimes, the old, unresolved emotions are apparent in how we react to current circumstances. Other times, the emotions may be long-buried. In either case, to be permanently free of the block, we need to uncover the root cause of our issue, the precise memory. We also need to complete and release the emotions we have unconsciously held onto. To do those things, we have to connect directly with the unconditional love at our innermost core.

This is the second reason for The Journey's effectiveness - a simple, repeatable and surprisingly quick way for people to realize that pure, absolute love for themselves. The steps involve experiencing emotions and allowing oneself to 'drop through' to a deeper experience. If we go deep enough, we fall into the fountain of peace that we recognise as our own essence or source. This is the context in which deep healing, on all levels of our being, arises.

Resting in and as our own source, the next steps of the guided process uncover and resolve those specific memories and emotions, and release the actual cellular block at the root of an issue. This is not an abstract, mental process, involving visualisation or deduction. The Journey works at the deepest levels of both our consciousness and our physiology (children sometimes describe the organ they visit in precise detail).

Each Journey is complete in itself - fully releasing blocks which may have held us back for years. It is effective for people of all ages and all kinds of issue. It restores us to our natural way of being - healthy and fully functioning with energy flowing freely in all areas.

Further reading: 'The Journey' by Brandon Bays

Written by Linda Markley

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