Do you clean your mindset?

Do you clean your mindset?

Each moment of every day, our senses are employed in working out where we are in time and space, whether we're safe, and how to proceed. If any of those signals are garbled or fail to get through our energetic fog, we can feel anything from uncertain to extremely anxious for no obvious reason. Multiply this by days/months/years and you have a distorted mindset that colours your life. 

What causes this distortion? 

Think of the baby or toddler; do you think they have negative thought patterns already instilled into them from birth? No, they absorb absolutely everything from around them, in particular the parents, so it's easy to see what the toddler is feeling by looking at the main caregiver. Once a little one becomes self aware, it sees itself in relation to its surroundings; as the child's awareness expands, it starts to gain independence by learning to trust in its senses and taking action.

That independence grows like a new staircase, each step being the point from whence new choices are made. When a choice is made that has a harmful effect, the need to backtrack is evident, but what if the child is unable to backtrack, because the harm came from without? The inability to self-correct causes trauma, and a coping mechanism has to be developed. Whether that boy or girl carries one or many traumas, each emits a signal that attracts a similar frequency from outside, thus attracting more of the same. 

Changing the bandwidth

Fast forward a few decades, pile more unhealthy choices and a hand full of questionable beliefs onto the trauma and you can see how it gets buried; but it remains active, emitting it's signal, and continuing to attract anything in that bandwidth, no matter how much this human tries to pull free of those past influences. The only way to break free of the undertow is to adopt the discipline of clearing your energy bodies on a daily basis to raise the overall frequency, so that old issues can no longer exist at that level.

Here and now

The world might seem like it's in chaos at this time, but it's a part of a much bigger process, and we are parts of that process. In order to play our parts, the best thing we can do is take charge of our own energetic hygiene and be diligent enough to clear our energy bodies every day, like brushing your teeth. That way, we transmute the negative energies that are circulating the globe at the same time as helping ourself.


Set a strong intention - much like a prayer is focussed - upon each energetic level, and command the energies to be cleared. (You are asking your Higher Self and Spirit Team to assist you). The more you do this, the stronger that bond will become.  There's a prompt sheet to download at

If you dowse with a pendulum, it will be a great help, or you might prefer to use kinesiology. If you use neither, you'll need to sharpen your senses.

Every day is different, but as you practice, you'll get used to what it feels like when you release 'stuck' energy. Do your clearing in a quiet space to support your mental focus and how any energetic changes feel. This will pay dividends for when you find yourself in an unexpected situation (say, in a public space) where you need to clear something quickly.  Having a good discipline of energy clearing will go a long way to raising your personal vibration and that of the world.

Author: Angela Delglyn
Copyright © 2022 Angela Delglyn. All rights reserved

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