As some people claim this to be a valid form of healing, we have included it for your information.

What is it?

Radionics is said to be a form of absent healing that was pioneered in the early 20th Century by an American neurologist called Dr Albert Adams. Adams' theory was that diseased tissue would radiate an abnormal waveform - and it was by analysing this waveform that diagnosis could be made, and suitable treatment recommended.

A consultation with a Radionics Practitioner can take place over the phone or by questionnaire; a sample of blood or hair (known as a witness) is also required. Radionics practitioners claim to be able to tap into the vibrational frequencies of the patient by placing the witness on a specially designed "black box". The box is tuned to various frequency settings, and is said to be able to detect and diagnose imbalances.

Upon analysis of the results from the box, the practitioner will recommend the treatment required. This treatment could be mechanical (chiropractor), dietary (food intolerance) or be in the forms of homeopathy, herbs or nutritional supplements.

Radionics is illegal in the USA.


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