The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

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The benefits of daily 'grounding'

Just as a house needs solid foundations to withstand the ravages of weather and time, there's a lot to be said for keeping both feet firmly on the ground in this fast moving 21st Century. We've developed a virtual world on...

Written by Linda Hall

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Paint Your Art Out

 PAINT YOUR ART OUT Â? the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA   bringing meditation, creative visualization, healing and artwork together   Delcia McNeil   What is Paint Your Art Out? Paint your Art Out is the name I give to the workshops that I run that are both playful...

Written by Delcia McNeil

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The Power of Now

I've often been asked "How can I be positive when I see what's going on around me?" "I don't have health/abundance/money (you fill in what you don't have)." "What about the 'reality' I now face?" "Don't I have to deal...

Written by Yvonne Green

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The Big Picture

If, every day, we take positive action towards achieving our goals then ourmotivation and sense of achievement grow, fuelling our confidence and making eventhe wildest of dreams possible.  Each small step has a cumulative affect on our progress.  And creating...

Written by Karen Martin

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The Lies We Bought As Love

What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us to suffer?What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us not to be happy?What are the lies we bought as love that are causing us...

Written by Piercarla Garusi

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Homeopathic Remedies for Anxiety

Most people will suffer with a bout of anxiety at some point in their lives. This is normally short acting and self limiting but can cause some discomfort at the time. Anxiety that is recurring or that is long standing...

Written by Rahul Shah

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Healing with Light - Merging Science with the Metaphysical

When we talk about light in the context of healing, what do we mean? Many of us have heard the the term "light workers" but we don't mean that these people erect street lamps. And we may talk about humans...

Written by Oliver Muller

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Pulsing, Touch with Rhythmic Movement

PULSING TOUCH WITH RHYTHMIC MOVEMENT by Guy Gladstone PULSING AND ROCKING Imagine the following: the heartbeat itself, the pulse of the bloodstream, held by the muscular walls of the veins and arteries, the elastic and layered qualities of those channels,repeated in the structure of...

Written by Guy Gladstone

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Massaging People who have Dementia ..... because feelings matter.

About 800, 000 people in Britain now have dementia, & this number is set to rise to 1 million by 2021 as the population ages. Howeverdementia is affecting ever younger people, with many people being diagnosed asyoung as in their...

Written by Nicolle MITCHELL

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How to use ear candles safely

When not to use Hopi Ear Candles / Trumpet Ear Candles If you have grommets in place If there is an inflammation or infection in the ear If you have or have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the contents If you...

Written by Kinga Edwards

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Holy Water or Is It ?

Holy Water or is it? Holy water has been an accepted part of our lives for centuries. I would like to add some wisdom to the subject about what it is we are really talking about. Holywater is used in blessing...

Written by Robina Hearle

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Magnetotherapy - Su Jok Method

Where did the method of SuJok Magnetotherapy originate? The late Professor Park, Jae Woo was a Korean scientist and philosopher. He is the originator of a significant number of Su Jok Ki therapies which include SuJok Magnetotherapy and Su Jok Acupuncture. The medical profession in...

Written by Marilyn Benson

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