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The writings published here may or may not reflect the opinions of the people working at CHIS-UK. They are published here to help you develop a greater understanding of the different attitudes and beliefs held by many in the field of holistic health.

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What can Reiki do for you?

Well, I don't know what it can do for you, marvellous things, no doubt, but everyone's journey with Reiki is different. Here's mine... First of all, let me say that Reiki has completely changed my life. Here's how. By profession I...

Written by Louise Heseltine

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Verbal Channelling - an invaluable resource

Do you ever get flashes of inspiration? Do you sometimes say things that are really wise and you don't know how you knew them? Do you sometimes feel that your head is full and that there is something that simply needs to...

Written by Delcia McNeil

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How Can You Increase Your Self-esteem?

Both psychologists and spiritual gurus agree that we manifest everything we focus on. For instance, if we focus our minds on problems we find ourselves noticing them everywhere, and somehow attracting them even more in our life. On the other hand, if we focus...

Written by Barbara Sobolewska

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Mending the Past with Shamanism - healing the legacy of our family and ancestral inheritance

It is striking how many of the cultures that practice shamanism place great emphasis on the importance of ancestors. More than just remembering and honouring those who have gone before them, shamans often communicate with ancestors as real and present...

Written by Paul Francis

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What Can We Learn From Trees?

Trees are fabulous! They are the lungs of the planet. They do an amazing job for us- they take our waste product (carbon dioxide) and they turn it into what we breathe- oxygen. They are very adept at removing toxins from the...

Written by Caroline Nettle

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What Are You Worried About?

As a species, we have really perfected the art of worrying. We worry about everything tiny detail, as if worrying about it will lessen the blow, or make whatever we are trying to avoid not happen. We worry about whether or...

Written by Caroline Nettle

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What does Hypnotherapy involve?

There is a lot more in the media now about hypnotherapy and how effective it can be in helping in all areas of people's lives. Weight loss, smoking, stress, phobias, sports performance and confidence and any number of things that...

Written by Chris Calloway

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The Emotional Scale and Energy Work

Introduction: In our work with clients and students using energy therapies we have often found ourselves trying to clarify what a therapist intends to achieve during a therapy session These are some of the points that have come to mind: 1. We...

Written by Christine Sutton

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Flower Power- Not just Fashion Statement

When people think of herbal or homeopathic medicine they are often uncertain of its value.  There is a common thought that everything that can be taken from herbal medicine has been turned into 'real medicine' and that everything left is...

Written by Alexandra Bacon

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Integrated Energy Therapy - Healing with the Energy of the Angels

Life leaves it's footprints on us - we've all had experiences that have taken their toll; such as physical or emotional trauma, surgery, suppressed feelings, fear or stress. I know I have. The resulting negative emotions (or baggage) causes our...

Written by Gilly Workman

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7 Simple Steps to Make Space for Change

   "You cannot pour more water into a full glass. Clear your space in order to invite new things into your life" Â? Marien Perez, Principal Life Coach at Coach You Ltd 7 simple steps to create space for change Do you...

Written by Marien Perez

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Transform Your Life One Change at a Time

Transform Your Life One Change at a Time ·        Do you want to become more assertive and successful in your work relationships? ·        Do you want to feel healthier, get fitter, and feel more optimistic about your life? ·        Are you ready to...

Written by Marien Perez

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