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Acupuncture Migraine Treatment

Affiliated Hospital of Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine researchers conducted a clinical trial

Source: HealthCMi
Date posted: 06/05/2021

Psychedelics are transforming the way we understand depression and its treatment

Psychiatry has long failed to explain depression. Our research into psilocybin suggests a new approach could offer answers

Source: The Guardian
Date posted: 20/04/2021

Emotional Freedom Technique: Is this "tapping" strategy helpful or not?

With the growing rates of mental illness in the United States, now is as good a time as ever to manage your stress and emotional well-being.

Source: NaturalHealth365
Date posted: 13/04/2021

To Diet or Not to Diet?

A simple way to eliminate or improve health challenges is to adopt the eating habits adhered to by people living in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea

Source: American Holistic Health Association
Date posted: 13/04/2021

One Major Side Effect of Eating Mushrooms, Says New Study

This highly versatile food adds more than just texture and flavor to your dishes

Source: Eat This, Not That!
Date posted: 28/03/2021

Non-drug therapies as good as or better than drugs for treating depression in people with dementia

Doctors should consider more "social" prescribing of non-drug approaches for depression and loneliness, say researchers

Source: ScienceDaily
Date posted: 28/03/2021

Long-term stress linked to increased risk of heart attack

Can long-term stress lead to heart attacks? Most people would probably answer in the affirmative, but the scientific evidence of this is scarce.

Source: ScienceDaily
Date posted: 16/02/2021

Ancient herbal remedy designed to block the harmful negative effects of stress and anxiety

Ashwagandha is classified by researchers as an adaptogen: a substance that promotes health and helps the body deal with the effects of stress.

Source: NaturalHealth365
Date posted: 16/02/2021

Vitamin C, zinc don't lessen Covid-19 symptoms, study finds

Not even at high doses, according to the first randomized clinical trial to test the two supplements under medical supervision.

Source: CNN
Date posted: 13/02/2021

Improving gut health enhances wellbeing in more ways than you think

Having a healthy gut goes far beyond ensuring you have bowel regularity and freedom from gas, bloating, and stomach cramps.

Source: NaturalHealth365
Date posted: 01/02/2021

Eat More Yellow Veggies, Coffee to Zap Inflammation, Heart Disease Risk

Findings highlight the pro- or anti-inflammatory potential of the food you eat, particularly in promoting or fighting cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Source: GreenMedInfo
Date posted: 26/01/2021

Could your 'mystery illness' be caused by pesticide poisoning?

Unintentional acute pesticide poisoning is more common than you might think, especially among global farming communities or residents near agricultural centers.

Source: NaturalHealth365
Date posted: 25/01/2021



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