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Slideshow: Top Concentration Killers

Whether you're living with ADHD or just have trouble focusing from time to time, today's world is full of concentration killers. Psychologist Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD offers a few tips to manage distractions, starting with social media.

Source: Web MD
Date posted: 26/11/2021

What Doctors Say Are CBD Benefits Observed in Actual People, not Mice

Unfortunately, there’s still only few human clinical studies that that confirm CBD benefits us in many way. Therefore, it’s exciting to hear medical professionals share their opinions about the effectiveness of CBD on actual people.

Source: Rise Earth
Date posted: 25/11/2021

Best Vitamin D3 and K2 Supplements

Vitamins D3 and K2 are crucial to ensure you remain healthy. They help with promoting bone and heart health and are vitamins that you should be consuming every day, which is why finding the best vitamin D3 and K2 supplements can be key in providing you with improved wellbeing.

Source: Drug Genius
Date posted: 24/11/2021

PREGNANT? 6 foods to avoid and 6 foods to enjoy

Although obstetricians warn pregnant women not todrink alcohol,we are learning that there are otherfoods that women should be careful about duringthose critical nine month

Date posted: 23/11/2021

Vitamin D and omega-3 supplements found to reduce autoimmune disease risk

Previous research has identified a correlation between vitamin D consumption and a reduced incidence of autoimmune diseases. The same is true of marine-derived omega-3 fatty acid supplements.

Source: Medical News Today
Date posted: 21/11/2021

8 Simple Ways to Use Grapeseed Oil for Skin

Grapeseed oil contains several compounds that can be beneficial to skin, including Omega-6 fatty acids, linoleic acid, more vitamin E than olive oil, and potent antioxidants, all of which can help protect skin and fight inflammation.

Source: Treehugger
Date posted: 19/11/2021

I'm A Gastroenterologist & These Are My Top 10 Foods For Gut Health

The perfect gut health routine looks different for everyone, but incorporating nutrient-dense foods is a surefire way to get the ball rolling.

Source: Mind Body Green
Date posted: 18/11/2021

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Cauliflower

While cauliflower does lack the green color (because its leaves cover itself while growing which blocks sunlight) thus, no chlorophyl. However, there are other nutritional benefits of cauliflower that we should not overlook! There are five main benefits to consuming cauliflower… let us look at them a little closer!

Source: Living Traditionally
Date posted: 16/11/2021

55 Tips To Help You Deal With Anxiety, Based On Science

This article is for informational purposes only. If you suspect you may have an anxiety disorder, seek medical help. You may try the complementary approaches listed below if you and your doctor determine that they could be appropriate for you. Discuss the strategies listed here with your doctor.

Source: Self-Hacked
Date posted: 14/11/2021

Olive Oil: 10 considerations

Olive oil has been said to be the nectar of gods. It is found in most people’s pantries. It is the main component of the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil is actually a liquid fat that comes from olives, but this monounsaturated fatty acid is the healthy type.

Source: Natural News Blogs
Date posted: 12/11/2021

RHR: How to Reduce Viral Exposure When You’re Stuck Inside, with Michael Schrantz

In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I talk with indoor air quality expert Michael Schrantz about the practical ways you can improve your air quality and reduce your viral exposure even when you’re stuck inside.

Source: Chris Kresser
Date posted: 11/11/2021

The Nutrition and Supplementation Guide to Supporting Your Immune System

Several lifestyle factors influence the health and resilience of both innate and adaptive immune function. This series addresses them in three parts: Nutrition and Supplementation, Exercise and Movement, and Lifestyle.

Source: Experience Life
Date posted: 10/11/2021



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