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Acupuncture Poststroke Recovery Results

Acupuncture may benefits the recovery process for patients that have had a stroke

Source: Healthcare Medicine Institute
Date posted: 15/05/2023

Acupuncture Shoulder Pain & Immobility Relief Found

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for shoulder periarthritis, a disorder characterized by pain and limited range of motion.

Source: Healthcare Medicine Institute
Date posted: 20/03/2023

Acupressure Wristband Is Effective for Relieving Nausea From Migraine

A headache physician showed in a study that pressure with an acupressure wristband to the P6 antiemetic point located on the inside of the wrist is an effective and also quick remedy for relief of migraine nausea.

Source: a-health-blog.com
Date posted: 08/03/2023

Seven healthy habits may help cut dementia risk, study says

Seven healthy habits and lifestyle factors may play a role in reducing the risk of dementia, according to a two decade-long study.

Source: The Guardian
Date posted: 28/02/2023



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